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''Too Cute no Tattoos '' Drake Gushes About Himself After he Shared a Throwback no Ink Bathroom Self

Drake is one artist that is too cute for himself as many ladies are crushing on him due to his musical skills, cuteness and the look any lady who wants a gentleman will look out for, the Canadian rapper shared a throwback selfie of himself, as he admired the fact that he had no Tattoos then, which is a cute way for anyone to see himself.

Drake as a rapper never used to have no inking on his body before that changed, now the Laugh Now Cry Later crooner has over 35 tattoos inked on his body which includes: a Lil Wayne tattoo, flaming skull tattoo with the inscription untruly, flower and bee tattoo, BBK tattoo, his father's mugshot tattoo, his cologne brand tattoo, Safe Adu's tattoo, Jack O Neil Lantern tattoo, eye of horus tattoo, east side compass tattoo, Oktober Lejonhjarta tattoo, October's Very Own tattoo, All Kinds tattoo, everything happens for a reason sweet things tattoo, CN Tower tattoo, Camouflage Shark tattoo, Rihanna eating ice cream tattoo, 416 tattoo, Houston Astros tattoo, Uncle Steve portrait tattoo, his grandmother tattoo, and many other tattoos.

Drake taking a look at the numbers of inks tattooed on his body must make him wonder how much of an ink lover he now is from having none, and keeping a fresh skin to having so many carvings inscribed on him which bear many memories and represent the important part of his life, it must mean a lot for the rapper who is a toast of many, and has many upcoming artists looking up to him, no wonder they say tattoo is always addictive when you get one you tend to want to add another, then another which can quickly become a trend that can be hard to stop, but having tattoos has not stopped the legendary rapper from being who he is, we love him tattoos or not.

Photos Sources: Drake Instagram, Drake tattoos photos gotten from

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Canadian Cute no Tattoos Drake Drake Gushes Too


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