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Determining Hit, A Great Controversy In The Music Industry.

Speaker A : This song is a hit song. 

Speaker B : No it isn't. It is an average song. 

Speaker A : No, I disagree. It isn't.

The conversation above (between speaker A and speaker B) proves to a large extent the variation in human choices which shows that humans will always have a different perception of things (not only music). 

Music is no doubt an essential part of our lives as everyone in one way or the other has a song or a genre of song they are attracted to. The genre ranges from highlife, RnB, hip hop, rap, juju, raggae e.t.c. 

Whichever choice you make, you are good to go. However it needs be noted that while some people have a particular genre of music they like, some don't really have any genre they like. They are the "everything goes" type.

On the other hand, not minding the lyrics, some are only attracted to a particular genre of music because of a particular artiste while some are only moved by the beat. Whatever reason you chose to vibe to a particular tune, no qualms, you are good to go.

Another bone of contention now sets in when lovers of the same song have different perception of the same song. While some may think the particular song they like is a hit, some may think it isn't.

This now brings to the fore the question of what makes a hit?

Basically, a hit song is referred to as a song that is deemed to be well accepted by the people. But to come to this conclusion that a song is a hit and to how well accepted a song is by the people, people use different criteria to decide this.

The first criterion people use in determining a hit song is frequency of its request in the traditional media. This refers to how well people request a particular song on radio or television. If a song gets frequent requests on the traditional media, some people come to the conclusion that the particular song is a hit song.

Another criterion people use in determining a song is how much it trends on the social media. This refers to how well people talk about the song on social media.

Another way people use in determining if a song is a hit song is using the statistics. This talks about the number of views it garners on platforms like YouTube and streams it has on popular music platforms like apple music, Spotify etc.

Also, people use how well a particular song is played in the street (clubs, shops etc) to determine if a song is hit song or not. To these people, what makes a hit song is reception the song gets in the street.

However, some people use how long a song stays in the traditional media (radio or television) countdown to determine if such song is a hit.

The big question now is which of the above criteria is most suitable to determine a hit song or which other criterion or criteria do you use to determine if a song is a hit?

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