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"She is 18 and so what!"- guy mocks the lady her father flogged for disobedience over WhatsApp group

A guy mocking a 18 year old lady being flogged

Just a day ago, a father was caught on camera flogging her 18-year old daughter. It was reported that the father had warned his daughter from joining a WhatsApp group which she eventually did. The disobedience made the father got angry and was spotted in a viral video flogging her!

The man's action has generated a lot of mixed reactions on all over the social media platforms. A number of people supported the action as an African way of dealing with a disobedient child. They maintained that in as much a child is under his father's roof, he or she can be punished if she or he goes wrong way!

Here is a guy popularly called 'Irunnia' on Twitter has thrown his weight behind the father's action. He mockingly shaded the lady in a post shared that got people reactions. He said that, being almost 30, he got slapped by his mother for calling her 'Queen of the marine Kingdom'. So, flogging 18- year old guy is not an issue!

Irunnia| Credits: Twitter

He said: "She's 18 and so what?

I'm almost reaching 30 and my mom slapped me last week for jokingly calling her "queen of the Marine kingdom". Small play o"

Well, in my own opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good ethical 'ass whooping' but should be done in a very modest manner! Taking a video while flogging is not an African way! The girl was rough - handled! At 18, counseling is more civilized than flogging!

To be frank, I still hate my father for all the beatings I got even as I have started living my own life and raising a family. I can proudly say my step mom did a better job than my dad. That woman is so blessd with wisdom. She would sit you down and give you the good, bad and ugly and let you decide.!

See how people reacted to this guy's tweet:

Let's know your thoughts or reactions on this lady's flogging by her father

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