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‘Taaoma Is Not Funny’ – Twitter Users Disagree Over Comedy Skit

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam popularly known as Taaoma, has made a name for herself in comedy. She enjoys acting duo roles and despite winning Best Online Comedian at The Gage Awards 2019, there are those who insist she is not funny.

Taaoma became a topic of discussion among Twitter users with some doubting her talent as one who brings hilarious content. In fact, read what popular journalist Fisayo Soyombo tweeted below:

“Somebody wrote ‘Taaooma is not funny’ and he had almost 1k agreement retweets in less than five hours. What a shame. Even if you honestly thought she isn’t funny, what’s the value of publicly advertising your dislike for her honest hustle? Let not your envy lead you to suicide!”

However, one Twitter user with the handle @Dha_mist disagreed and made it clear while responding to the tweet.

“This is garbage at best. Who made you twitter police? People have opinions, live with it. I don’t find Taooma funny either and I put it on twitter, does it mean I hate her? This tweet is senseless”.

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