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Antebellum - the movie from the past

Will I Say Horror or I will say one of those movies that will confuse you at first? Antebellum, was produced by the same guys who made GET OUT and US. Why am I not surprised, I mean, personal opinion now, those guys make the weirdest movies;

Would you believe there is still a Plantation somewhere in America with black slaves, in the middle of a war? Well I didn’t too, but Antebellum almost convinced me, trust me I was watching, waiting for a ‘Based on true life events’ or stuff, but no it is fiction, well, I hope.

Antebellum follows the story of a Successful Author, Veronica Hanley as she was trapped in a Plantation that shouldn’t exist in reality. It felt like she had to go back to the 18th Century or something. 

Being a lover of Horror films, I would say that the movie is more of a psychology movie than a horror movie. I mean just like GET OUT; it is an anti-racial movie. You would love this movie if you are given to stuff like that. So if you don’t like Horror movies, you can still see the movie, it isn’t that bad, I hope.

Now to more interesting facts about the movie, Janelle Monae took the leading role in the movie, she was amazing in the act if you ask me. 

Eric Lange 

Jena Malone

Jack Huston 

Kiersey Clemons 

Now to some ratings - I find them boring sometimes though, in RottenTomatoes the movie has a rating of 28% and 5.5/10 on IMDB. Well, I am not a professional critic or something but I do know the movie has a nice storyline, a should watch a kind of storyline.  

Hey, what is your favorite Horror Movie?

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