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Ibidun Ighodalo: Remember her adopted daughter, Keke, she is 9 years today as Ibidun is 40 years!

The Joy of every bride is to watch her tummy grow at least nine months after she enters her husband's house. But when reverse is the case, such bride may have to wait endlessly for the fruit of the womb. When late Ibidun Ighodalo got married to her Pastor husband, Ituah Ighodalo in 2007,they never knew what awaited them. They tried severally to birth a child of their own for years, going from one hospital to another, her husband never relented but was present at every medical test and doctor's appointment, just to ensure they have the fruit of the womb.

They also tried almost a dozen IVF's ( In Vitro fertilization) but all of them failed. At that point, Ibidun concentrated on making other women happy by giving grants to pay for IVF process of couples waiting for the fruit of the womb. In the process, she opted for adoption. It was her husband, Ituah Ighodalo that advised her to look inward and adopt a child from the orphanage he established. They visited the orphanage and was fortunate to meet a baby girl whom the father gave up for adoption. The baby was born on July 19, 2011. She was also given the same name as Ibidun by her biological father. That was how late Ibidun and husband, Ituah adopted the child. They named her Keke Ighodalo and she has been a source of joy to the Ighodalo's since she entered their lives. Just as her late mother, Ibidun Ighodalo is a year older today. The beautiful girl is also marking her birthday today as well.The death of her mother Ibidun took the shine off her day as the family would have rolled out the drums to mark her big day. 

You will agree with me that losing a mother is better imagined than experienced, the Ighodalo's have gone through devastating experience since the beautiful event planner was rudely snatched from them. If only tears could build a stair case to heaven, the Ighodalo's would have shed enough to climb to heaven and bring Ibidun back to them. But they have accepted fate and moved on painfully.

As the world is also marking the 40th birthday of late Ibidun Ighodalo today, a lot of people have been wishing the family she left behind well. Before her demise, her plan was to put smile on the face of forty women seeking the fruit of the womb. Her foundation, Ibidun Ighodalo foundation has started receiving application for interested couples who wish to benefit from the grant. Meanwhile, a lot has happened since Ibidun passed on, her social media pages were hijacked by hackers who meant to rip her family off the good works she started by using her account to defraud innocent Nigerians but they were lucky to retrieve the account back. 

Her husband has also taken over her company, Elizabeth R, appointing capable hands to assist him as he keeps the legacy of his late wife alive. 

No doubt, Ibidun has lived her life to the fullest not because she died at 39 years but because she has touched hundreds of lives with her foundation. The journey to parenthood of many couples will never be complete without Ibidun Ighodalo's name boldly written on it. We say happy post humourous 40th birthday to a quintessential woman of substance and happy birthday to her darling beautiful daughter. Our prayer is that, Keke, the lovely daughter of the late woman live a more fulfilled life than her mother.

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