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Photos: Church members beat up Pastor for using their tithes to buy brand new Range Rovers

The issue of tithes has been a battle between pastors and member for ages; some believes pastors are eating their tithes and offering, while some others believe they are giving it to God.

Here is a typical example of a Ghanaian Pastor being beating up by church members when they discovered that he bought a brand new Range rover with their tithes. According to the video currently trending online, the members where heard saying he should pay them back their tithes and offering.

However, different reactions has trail the video online as can be seen below;


I support those members....everyday pay tithe...pastor will be buying jeep and jets yet members are suffering


The funniest part is that they believe it's their tithes and offering that amounted to the money to buy a Range Rover.


Not really.

Baba was running HIYP, so they all all invested, but instead of the earth shaking miracle of returns, the yahoo boy went to pick up a new Autobiography


What did they think he was using their tithes and offerings to do? Pastor don’t mind them, flex away


Ghana got there before Nigeria. Sad stuff. Wey suppose don Dey do this thing from 20 years ago.


One day it will happen in Nigeria if the economy continues to slide

The question is, should members pay their tithes to Pastors or give it to the less privilege?

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