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These 29 extremely funny images will totally make you laugh to your heart's content.

Below are the 29 rib-cracking photos you won't want to miss.

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1. Just as it says, this monkey might be really drunk.

2. True talk. Entertainment is cool

3. Run man! Get up and run

4. Rock, paper, scissors. I just pity him.

5. Animal language

6. I can't forget this.

7. That is if she even decides to check it. Mums

8. How did it even see the spider??

9. When you wish you had abs.

10. Men, this bird is a Marlian.

11. Errr.....I wasn't like the dude on the right when I was a kid.

12. It always hurts. Even now that I remember times like this.

13. Fancy chicken. Can I have you for breakfast instead?

14. Poor rabbit.

15. Students can relate very well to this

16. This baby is ready for the IBF already

17. Lucky You

18. Smoking Aces. The head is glorious

19. This baby might end up being the most likely to succeed. That is if momma comes.

20. Probably the little amount of sense.

21. Too lazy to lose weight

22. This is always really embarrassing.

23. depends.

24. Men.....I always hate Monday

25. This one is obviously mad

26. Children of nowadays.

27. Even am am confused

28. So true but it only happens on the inside.

29. I will still eat the cake.

Hope you laughed well

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Marlian Mums Rock


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