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You Must Laugh (See 20+ Funny Memes And Jokes)

It's another beautiful day and I'm here again to put a smile on your face, as your comedy doctor, I would be giving you good dose of comedy to make you smile before you sleep, not minding the activities of the day, you must laugh out your sorrow this day.

How will you even buy a fridge of 150k for 55k and still complain that it shocks you, the price no shock you?

Akpos: How is Holy water made?

Bovi: You boil the HELL out of it.

You will never see African parents kissing, hugging or in any form of romance... But Boom! 12 children.. how come???

Girls are busy complaining that when men impregnate them they run away. But my question is, when you score a goal do you remain at the goal post or run away to celebrate widely???

Hope your enjoyed your view?

Which one is more funny to you? As for me, the last memes seems to be the funniest. Drop your own opinion below.

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African Akpos Boom Bovi


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