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Actor Yomi Blasts His Colleagues Who Take Online Relationship Serious And Neglect Each Other Offline

The fantastic Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi has taken to his social media platform, to blast those his colleagues who takes online relationship serious, and ignore each other offline. This actor seriously stressed on this, as he reveals that many of his colleagues doesn't love each other as they claim on social media platforms.

Revealing this, actor Yomi Fabiyi wrote; Wait until you have one serious health or career threatening crisis, before you count your friends or circle in this industry. I have said this repeatedly, don't take social media affections or friendship serious. Only few owe natural moral responsibility on you, and that is if you have not ruined it. Any delusional with little advantage can easily think taking pictures with you, following you, liking or commenting on your post is a big deal. You are not paying my bills, you don't give me job, you don't call or text me when out of sight. Na industry bring us together but gets angry because of Instagram. That is serious mental sickness, social media is majorly for your fans and externals. If you like be the most sought after, loved, followed or purportedly social media richest artist.

If you take care of your friendship and colleagueship online and neglect offline, I don't pray anybody run into crisis, if anything happens, o a ri eye( you will see nobody), the common thing is on your own. To see five artist go come hard, yet you follow over 3,000. They won't wait to hear your own side before spreading and hurting you. I will continue to clamour for old time love before social media. My mental health is important hence, I slow down until we begin to protect the industry. Right values with our social media, I don't see anybody as a competitor and will never have. Keep a fair balance and don't take Instagram with colleagues so seriously. My prayers and thoughts are with any troubled colleague anywhere.

Whether I follow you or not, whether we are close or not, whatever happen to any artist happen to me, and my attitude must not deny any online or offline. Even if I won't support any crime committed if found guilty. I will maintain civility and my moral responsibility till the very end. That is my vow with God and the industry he said. Yomi Fabiyi is a fantastic Yoruba actor, movie producer, scripted and a movie director. Yomi Fabiyi has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Yomi Fabiyi has featured and produced several award winning Yoruba movies. Yomi Fabiyi is no doubt a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Yomi Fabiyi has also won numerous awards and nominations to his name.

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