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This Kids Are Amazing When There's No One At Home.

Children the say are blessing from above, and also there sources of joy and happiness, though there can be annoying some time especially at their tender stage where there want to know almost everything at same time.

Looking at this photos below can remind you of your childhood and you can also imagine how you over came some of this scenario. Take a look at the below photo and have a little flashback.

What the hell is going on here, where did he get that maker from?

Imagine you came back home and found your daughter doing this to your hard earn money.

No! You don't do that in the living room.

Weldon sir.

Its stated clear here that he wants to be an artist.

Another artist in the making.

The toilet now becomes his library.

This is how i take care of my younger one.

yes, we the boys.

The vision is clear, from what he is holding you already know what he will become.

Can you imagine how he got himself there?

What can you say about this.

Chilling on my bed in peace.

Shisha men, that's how there roll.

Who is this again.

Can you imagine that?

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This Kids Are Amazing Weldon


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