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Meet Binta Ayo Mogaji Who Has Never Kissed Or Exposed Her Body In A Nigerian Movie.

Even the movie producers in Nigeria know that if the role has to do with her opening her body and kissing, leave her out of it, she won't do, the news about her decency has spread all round the producers in the industry who have no choice but to respect her opinion because she won't budge or bend the rules.

Everyone has an opinion and right on how they personally want to dress, it definitely has nothing to do with them being good or bad. It is simply their personality and style. 

It is just that in Africa, we tend to respect and be more endeared naturally to people who people who expose almost no part of their body, they are known as being decent.

If there is one person that you will not have to think twice about her dressing, that doesn't give away any form of seduction by opening her body, it is Binta Ayo Mogaji.

She's gone to maintain her relevance and staked the claim that you can actually be on top without exposing your body.

She was born in 1964 and started acting in 1970, aged 6 years. She hasn't stepped down and doesn't look like she will stop anytime soon. She is married and has three children currently.

If you don't know her as Binta Ayo Mogaji, you will know her as Igbanladogi. She is from Ibadan and her father is a Muslim cleric. May be that is why she has the tradition rooted in her. In short, that is the reason.

She isn't just good before the camera, she has been very good on the stage too. Binta is also very decent, in short, if there is another word for it, she deserves it. The way she even dresses on set shows how good she is with her decent lifestyle.

She wouldn't even dress indecently whether on screen or offset, it is something adorable really and something worth emulating. 

Have you seen her dress indecently before? May be in your dream. Lol. Have you? In all the photos I posted, is there anyone she dressed indecently?

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