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Funny Pictures You Will Relate to If you are Broke.

Someone made a statement and I quote "credit bank alert should be added to balance diet". As funny as that sounds,that statement isn't farfetched. The state of not having money is challenging and disheartening. People tend to express their state of brokenness in different manner. One of the feeling I hate the most, is the feeling of being broke. But no matter how serious a situation is, Nigerians always have a way of turning it into joke. 

Nigerians believe is the saying "problems doesn't finish". Amidst your state of brokenness find a way to make yourself laugh. One way I made myself laugh, is searching through the internet to download funny pictures, that can be related to my present situation. Presently my account balance is reading zero naira. As usual I downloaded funny images that define my present state. I decided to share them with you here. Iam sharing with you, funny pictures you will relate to if you are broke.


Spider man is seen of one of the most energetic fictional character in a movie. This picture shows that, you can only fight when you eat food. And a broke man cannot buy food.


This is one of the most funny proverb that relate to poverty or being broke


This really cracked me up. An empty wallet would make you cry indeed.


The above pictures shows the reaction of a man who have been scammed.

5.When you are broke but you have to dressed well.

The caption of this picture really made me laughed.





11.The above caption, showed the typical life of an adult.



When you are broke every will appear expensive to you.



This really cracked me up because I can relate to it. When your friends are broke you have to claim to be broke too, so as to fit in.

Images credit : nairaland. Com

Content created and supplied by: Rejoicewrites (via Opera News )



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