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OPINION: Why Most Igbos Are Light-Skinned Unlike Other Nigerians

Have you ever wondered why our Igbo brothers have lighter skin than any other West African tribe? Yoruba people are black. The Hausas are a dark-skinned people. Cameroon's are also darker. As a result, the tribe from South East Nigeria is surrounded by people of color. However, the majority of them have light skin.

Although no study has proved it, the Igbo tribe's skin tone is most likely due to a gene passed down through generations. This gene is thought to be Portuguese.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Portuguese settlers were among the first to arrive in what is now Nigeria. The Portuguese had been trading in Nigeria for several decades prior to the arrival of the British men. They did not treat the natives with hostility or arrogance, but rather as equals.

The Bini and Igbo tribes taught the Portuguese about African culture as well as some of their own crafts. The Portuguese taught Bini how to make bronze sculptures, which is one of the city's most valuable assets. They also learned how to weave cotton, color/dye, and tie a bow tie.

While this was going on, the Nigerian tribes were still in a period where women were seen as property that could be offered to visitors as a sign of hospitality or acceptance. For sxxual gratification, many Igbo and Bini fathers gave their daughters and maids to white men. This was a period when several women were pregnant with half-Portuguese children and gave birth to children with light skin tones.

They only wanted to entertain their international guests. They had no idea they were changing the course of history for the rest of time. The foreigers had free sxx with nearly every woman they liked, and they impregnated as many Nigerian women as they could.

The lighter Igbo men and women began when the children were born light-skinned. Most Igbos have forgotten about these stories because the light skin gene has been passed on from generation to generation. Many Igbo men and women have dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin, making them seem more European than African. They are, however, unaware that they are Portuguese in part.

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