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Check out: Top 10 cool Super-Powers (Avengers):

1. Invisibility

You know you’ve got it when: You go all see-through, obviously.

Made famous by: Sue Storm ( Fantastic Four), Sebastian Caine ( Hollow Man ), Violet Parr ( The Incredibles ), Harry Potter

How would you use your power? Handy if you wanted to spy on your boss, or perhaps prank the school bully without them knowing (Harry Potter style). Or you could simply become hide-and-seek world champion.

Disadvantages: Invisibility’s all very well but if you’re not quiet and agile as well, don’t bother. Plus if you practise it too much, you might just get stuck that way permanently.

2.Superhuman Strength

You know you’ve got it when: You can pick up a car or play catch with a television.

Made famous by: Superman, Mr Incredible, Thor, Wolverine/ Colossus/ Juggernaut/ Sabretooth ( X-Men ), Bane ( Batman ), Hancock.

How would you use your power? There'd be no need to call the AA if your car breaks down, you could help your neighbours move house (or just move their house), and the fear of being mugged would be a thing of the past.

Disadvantages: Don’t lose your temper: You-break-it-you-buy-it! Plus people will be nagging you to come round and help shift furniture all the time.

3. Flying

You know you’ve got it when: The ground is further away than it used to be.

Made famous by: Storm ( X-Men ), G-Girl ( My Super-Ex Girlfriend ), Hancock, Blade, Superman and Supergirl.

How would you use your power? Traffic jams will be a thing of the past for you. You can help save someone’s life or get a cat out of a tree. Just think of the money you’d save on plane tickets!

Disadvantages: Make sure you check the flight path before travel – you don’t want to cause an air accident. Plus if you suffer from a fear of heights or travel sickness, then this might not be the superpower for you.


How would you use your power ? It'd be pretty cool to spend the day in someone else's shoes, just to see what it’s like and how they roll. It’s also a great way to spy or get a secret out of someone.

Disadvantages: It’s not the most honest of powers, and identity theft could land you in prison. Plus you have to keep up the pretence at all times, especially when you’re surrounded by people you’re supposed to know. Make sure you do your homework.

5. Super Speed

You know you’ve got it when: You can run a mile in seconds.

Made famous by: Superman, Dash Parr ( The Incredibles ), vampires ( Twilight )

How would you use your power? Scoring that bucket list place in the Guinness Book of World Records! Getting all your chores done and dusted in the blink of an eye! Never missing that train again!

Disadvantages: It’s well known that if you want to do something right you should take your time. Plus running at such speed creates a serious risk of accidents, and your gob's likely to become a bug trap.

6.Telepathy/ Mind Control

You know you’ve got it when: You're the only one who responds to someone thinking out loud (literally).

Made famous by: Professor Xavier/ Jean Grey ( X-Men ), Jedis, Edward Cullen ( Twilight ).

How would you use your power? The possibilities are frankly endless. Probably the most useful when you want someone to forget something embarrassing you did or shift attention away from the fact that it's your turn to pay for the drinks down the pub.

Disadvantages: There’s the moral dilemma that comes with raiding someone's private thoughts, and you could hear something you really didn't want to. Plus, we'd imagine it might give you awful migraines.


You know you’ve got it when: When you think of Egypt and suddenly you're on top of a pyramid.

Made famous by: Doctor Manhattan ( Watchmen ), Nightcrawler ( X-Men 2 ), Hiro Nakamura ( Heroes ), David Rice ( Jumper )

How would you use your power? You can go anywhere you want: stand on Lady Liberty’s torch, sit on top of the Eiffel tower, or watch the sunset from the Grand Canyon. If you’re feeling cheeky, you could teleport in and out of nightclubs, cinemas and gigs without paying.

Disadvantages: Cover your tracks, the government are going to be extremely keen to tap your ability.

8. Regenerative Power

You know you’ve got it when: Plasters? What are plasters?

Made famous by: Wolverine/ Sabretooth ( X-Men ), Claire Bennet ( Heroes ), Deadpool

How would you use your power? A future in extreme sports beckons.

Disadvantage: You still feel pain, so don't go getting too carried away.

Verdict: Use with caution, although it would be nice to live life with a permanent safety barrier.Super-

9. Stretching Abilities

You know you’ve got it when: You're basically a human Cheesestring.

Made famous by: Elastigirl ( The Incredibles ), Mr Fantastic ( Fantastic Four ).

How would you use your power? Your stretchy skin could get you out of many a tricky situation: you could adapt your physique into a sailing vessel, a parachute or a humongous catapult. But really, we'd probably mostly use this for laughs.

Disadvantages: You'll probably attract stares and comments in the street. And be careful not to overdo it, lest you end up the wrong size/shape permanently.

Verdict: A pleasingly versatile power, if not the most glamourous.

10. Hulking Out

You know you’ve got it when: Your moodswings result in the destruction of small cities.

Made famous by: Bruce Banner ( The Hulk ), LXG 's Jekyll.

How would you use your power? You’re a lean, mean fighting machine and you could kick ass anytime you want. Bonus.

Disadvantages: If you lose your temper or have a sudden mood swing over the tiniest little problem, you literally turn into a monster. Not one for those inclined towards stress.

Verdict: It's uncontrollable, unpredictable and highly dangerous. We want.

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