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20 jokes that will make you laughing all day

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Ease up guys..... Oya laff ur fear out....likam


*Top 10 Jokes This Weekend*

10. If I become a Doctor.


ME: Good morning... How are you?


PATIENT: I'm fine Sir.

ME: Okay. Next person.

9. Double heart attack message from my girl to

me today:

1st SMS: Let's break up now, it's all over.

2nd SMS: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! That was not for


8. My UNCLE is new to Facebook and has been

trying to SEARCH for ME but can't find ME

because he's BUSY typing "My Sister's 1st Born.

He go search till eternity.

7. My dear sisters,

If you sneeze and your boobs don't move...

You are a boy.....don't argue it's in the


6. To All The Guys Who Can't Do Without

Spraying Insecticide Daily. The day a mosquito

lands on your testicles is the day you will know

there is a better way of resolving issues without

using violence.

5. *My friend you won't know the importance of

algebra until your sweetheart calls you X and you

don't know Y* John finished smoking the

best grade of weed, he went home high and out

of his mind. He walked in and sat in the lounge

where his Dad was. He kept staring at his Dad

and after a long while he asked his Dad "Excuse

me, can I ask you something" Then his Dad said

sure. Then John goes on to say "Your face looks

very familiar sir, have we met before?"

3. U go to club, u smoke cigarettes, weed and

end it with shi-sha.

But ur mother ask u to cook with firewood and u

will be like u don't like.. mom I don't like smoke.

Amadioha fall on u.

2. Your bae uploaded a picture of her kissing

another guy, but because u re using airtel free

Facebook with out picture you commented "Nice

one bae, keep it up.

Ode don't go and subscribe.

1. *What is love?*

Love is when your husband catches you with

another man naked and still say "honey, dress

up, let's go home.

*What is death?*

Death is when you follow him ....

Really !!! did u not laugh????

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