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Money is good: Is it right for Regina Daniels to have a nanny for her son at her young age?

There is always a difference between the way someone in wealth behaves and the another that is in a humble home. The two will think differently. Most things a person that is rich will do, a person that is humble will think that it was not necessarily or it's extravagant. 

When the picture of Regina Daniels nanny surfaced online, many people reacted in different ways. Some saw it as normal, some saw it that it's not good that she don't need nanny at this her young age moreover it's just a single child. 

As a celebrity and also a lady in a wealthy home, to raise a child might look very stressful. Most times you don't sleep at night because of the cry of the child. Also because of her occupation as an actress, I think she needs a nanny regardless of her age or the number of kids she have. 

Do you think Regina needs a nanny to take care of her son despite her young age and he is just a single child? 

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