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Meet The former Kannywood actress Rahama Hassan with her husband Sani Elkudan (see photos)

Rahama Hassan Biography.

Rahama is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses not only in Kannywood, but in the entire Nollywood industry. A classic film that makes it one of the best in the business is Rudin Zamani. This is a movie you should look for and watch if you really want to know how talented this beautiful actress is. He has starred in many vintage films, most of which you want to see repeatedly. This is an ancient film that has helped build the Kannywood industry as a brand full of interesting productions and interesting stories. These films include Bahija, where she was nominated for Best Actress at the Sim Awards, Enuva, Qudisiyah, Her Music, Gasky Dokin Karfe, Mariym Diyana, Agai and Vasan Maza, another classic film in which she fights for rights. by women

Rahmat has appeared in a number of films, but was revealed in a major role in Rudin Zamani. Here are 5 interesting things you might not know about.

1. Rahma was born on July 21.

2. He has a secondary education from the Police High School in Mina and is studying business administration at Abuja University.

3. He got his first role in the film "Musanya" and played in other films such as "Qudsiya", "Yan'uva", "Vasan Maza".

4. There are many nominations, including the International Film Award in Savannah.

Beautiful and versatile Kannywood actress Rahama Hassan will marry the love of her life, Alhaji Sani Elkudan, on January 6, 2017.

The wedding will take place around 1:00 pm at the Emir Sarkin-Zazau of the Suledja Mosque Friday in Suledja, Niger. Elkudan is a wealthy politician and member of the Democratic People's Party (PDP), who also works with several political parties at the state and national levels.

The beautiful and versatile Kannywood actress Rahama Hassan is marry the love of her life, Alhaji Sani Elkudan on 6th January, 2017

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