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Wonders Never End: Pictures Of Insects Disturbing Me In My House

It's been said that "insects are also what makes up an environment". Yes it's true, but the strange insects i have been seeing in my compound, is really scary and at same time amazing, because i have never seen so such an insects.

It all started on Saturday evening, 11 July by 11:47 , when i was outside on my table writing songs, behold i felt a bite on my leg, at first i thought it was a mosquito, and the second time i still thought it was a cricket, yes are you surprise? Well my only friends at that hour were crickets, because most at times the inspire me with their sounds and also keep me company. So on the third bite, i couldn't take it anymore, so i decided to trace the insect, behold see what i saw.

To some of you it seems stupid, but you won't understand until you witness it. And to some of you, you are curious about the incident or rather curious about its name. Well, i haven't discover its name, but by God's grace i Will post it in my next article, so don't miss or just follow me.

Really amazing, because i didn't see it them again, but just on Friday, 17 July i still saw it again and this time they came with both there ancestors and households. As if they came for a war, because this around i saw them in many holes. But instead of the to run out fear, i decided to also fight, since they came for destruction then am ready to destroy. I rushed into my store brought petrol and matches, then i attack them. This morning i woke up and check, they were no longer seen, the only thing left was their ashes.

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