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Don Jazzy is My Husband, It Has Been Revealed To Me Countless Times - Annastasia Micheal.

It seems the popular music producer, Michael Collins Ajere, better known as Don Jazzy is having a lot of young ladies crushing on him. In recent times, there have been numerous beautiful ladies who wish that the charming music producer can consider them by starting a relationship with them, which may eventually lead to marriage.

A young lady on Facebook whose name is Annastasia Micheal has revealed that it has been revealed to her countless times, that Don Jazzy is her husband to be.

Annastasia Micheal in a Facebook group called Rant HQ Extention wrote that;

"Don Jazzy is my husband and it has been revealed to me countless times. He has been the only man I have ever loved. Whenever I look at his picture, I feel relieved from depression. I even have millions of photos of him in my gallery. Please don't think it's a mere crush, because I know my feelings for Don baby has passed CRUSHING. I see him in my dreams everytime. Last night, I saw him in my dream cooking indomie for me and his twin children (a boy and a girl I had for him in the dream). He was so happy and fulfilled in that dream. He was about to feed me then I woke up. I have preserved my virginity till wedding night with him. My spirit keeps telling me he is mine, and I even realize we were both born in November 🥰🥰🥰. In fact, we both have lots of things in common. Don baby, you are my world best, my heart desires, my laughter, my happiness and fulfilment."

On saying this, many Facebook users mocked her. Others say she was only dreaming and that she should wake up from her dreams. Some also assert that she is only trying to get the attention of the public.

Nevertheless, members of the Facebook group also replied to her post. See their replies to the post below.

What do you have to say about this? Do you think Annastasia Micheal might end up with Don Jazzy?

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