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Meet The Wife And Son Of The Physically-Challenged Nigerian Man That Makes Shoes

Alot of people think that having a disability is the end of the road for them, they think they will not be able to do anything anymore but that's not so. Having a disability shouldn't stop you from being who you want to be, neither should it stop you from doing the things that you love.

There are quite a number of people living with disabilities, but they are still very much happy. Alot of them even think that they would never find love, or even get married due to their Condition. That's not always true, I have seen alot of beautiful stories of disabled people getting married. They gave married to the love of their lives, they even give birth to as much children as they want.

If you can recall the story of a young man named Abraham Lucky Onoja, went viral. Abraham is a shoe maker, but that is not even what made him to go viral. The young man from Nassarawa has a disability, he is crippled from his feet. He can't walk with his 2 feet, he sometimes makes use of wheel chair to walk.

Despite the fact that he lives with a disability, he didn't let that to get the best of him. He enjoys his life while doing his business. Abraham is an amazing shoe maker, and he has made alot of beautiful shoes which he has sold.

He is not just a shoe maker, he is also a happily married Man with a beautiful wife and handsome son. He shared beautiful pictures of him self and his family on social media, and you can see how happy they all are.

Abraham should serve as an inspiration to everybody to always put our minds to things, and they would definitely work out for you. Don't think that because you were born a certain way, or maybe Condition kept you a certain way then you would just give up on life.

He is always seen with his Son in his pictures, and they both look happy together. His son would be so proud of his father for not giving up, and for striving hard to put food on their table.

Ever since he went viral, he has gotten alot of shoe deals, alot of people have patronized him and his shoe business. His going viral was not in vain after all, it actually gave him alot of profits in his business.

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