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Epic moments from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries

Do you still remember CBS, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals? This article will take you through memory lane of the most epic scenes of both series. If it is not Mikaelson brothers it is Salvatore's. If it is not Elena Gilbert, it is Healey Mikaelson the little wolf. If it is not Elijah saving Klaus, it's Stephan saving Damon.

Damon would die for Elena Gilbert. Klaus will kill for Healey. Both Elena and Healey died, Klaus and Elijah, Damon and Stephan are both left to laugh the past laugh.Klaus loved Caroline so much, but where did all that love go, when he found Camille. Tyler Lockwood loved Caroline so much. But, he was willing to let her go, even when he was given the chance to love her.

Elijah never had any truth in Klaus because Klaus is a betrayer. But, Elijah admires his courage, when Klaus decide to be the sacrificial lamb necessary to save his only daughter. Stephanie never truths Damon decisions when it comes to saving Elena, but Stephan is always the one to ruin a perfect plan. Though, his attitude did saved entire Klaus blood line in Vampires Diaries seasons 3 episode 9.

Amoral suffered because she loved. Tattia was killed because she loved. Katrina has seen it all and she ran from love. For her, running from love means surviver. Elena had only knew love as a child, but she was willing to be sacrificed for it. What will you do for love?

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