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These Funny Illustrations Classify People Into Two Types, Which One Are You?

There are two types of people in this world.

These Funny illustrations classifies the two types on the basis of people’s habits. We all have DIFFERENT habits, right? For e.g. one person loves eating with a spoon whereas the other person loves eating with a Fork. Similar to the example, these are the illustrations that you’ll relate you. BEFORE you see the illustrations, let me add that these ones are done by a Portuguese art director “Joao Rocha.”

Funny Illustrations About People: His work is very interesting and it clearly describes how there are people with different habits. So take a look at it, have FUN and Find out which one are you.

I’m the 1st one – what about you?

Funny Illustrations About People

How do you eat banana


The ones who wear specs, this one’s for you.

Corn lovers!!!

GOT lovers, where are you?

 Funny Illustrations About People

Yes, these happens

 Funny Illustrations About People

How do you eat your jam and bread?


Do you love adding tags while posting a snap on Instagram?

 Funny Illustrations About People

Music lovers!!



Funny Illustrations About People

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Portuguese Which One Are You


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