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Top 5 best Magical Movies Ever Made.

Movies, Magic they sure are a very good mix, aren't they?

We all love Movies, but what happens when something amazing and entirely new, something like magic is added into them? The answer is one --- we love them even more.

Today we make a list of the 5 best Magical Movies Ever Made, so if you haven't watched any or some of them, make sure to give them a go. Ready?

Ok, MovieCadabra, here we go:

5. Fantastic Beasts.

You might or you might not have heard of or even watched this film series, but I can assure you that it is pure magic, why would I say that?, Partly because it is written by the same person who wrote Harry Potter, and because, it feels alot like Harry Potter atimes, especially the magic, the wand, e.t.c. so, if you've watched these movie series, I know you believe me, if you haven't, then whatcu' waiting for?.

4. The Hobbit.

I don't know why most magical movies come in series, maybe it's because they are mostly adapted from amazing books/novels. The Hobbit is a book adaptation as well, it is the prequel to the Lord of the rings,( i.e the original Story of the Lord of the rings). though they were released after the Lord of the rings, they sure are a very good Movie series to watch, sometimes it feels as good as watching the Lord of the rings.

3. Lord Of The Rings (LOTR).

Who haven't watched or heard about this amazing, smashing movie series, if you haven't, then Maybe you must have been living under a rock, coz this movie was once the most watched movie everyone wanted to go see. If you're yet to watch it, no probs, go ahead and give it a go, it's still a classic!!

2. Merlin.

At the time of magic and the era of darkness......

Just who doesn't remember that, who doesn't remember good ol' Merlin? If you don't even know who Merlin is, then you must be living under the sea, or was born yesterday.

Merlin is an Amazing, thrilling, and smashing adventurous story of a young wizard, that would always win the hearts of Movie, especially Magical Movie watchers.

1. Harry Potter.

Coming in at number one, the best Magical Movie of all time, and movie watchers and my personal favorite, Harry Potter is probably and obviously the best Magical Movie ever made. The spells, the magic, the villains, the plot, everything was perfect and magical.

Say you haven't watched Harry Potter out aloud, and your friends would definitely say there's no T.V in your house or you were born on Mars or Jupiter.


Abracadabra!! There we go, a good list of the Top 5 best Magical Movies Ever Made

Which is your best movie/favorite among them???.

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