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I Brought My Fiance To Our House To Meet My Parents, He Saw My Cousin And They Are Getting Married

A Twitter user with the handle @Eishaaat on Twitter has taken to the platform to narrate how she lost her boyfriend to her cousin sister.

According to the aggrieved lady, she visited her parents’ house with her boyfriend and they met her cousin sister at home.

Her boyfriend stopped talking to her after then and he is now set to walk down the aisle with her cousin sister.

“I took this guy to house to see my parents he saw my cousin sister and stop talking to me😫 guess what they are getting married next month😫”, she tweeted.

See her post below;

See comments and reactions

Thelma Igwebuike: He is not your own. A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage move on, the best is yet to come.

Smiles, Just relax ur mind and forget about him. Pray to God to give u the best man that deserve u, because with all indication the guy never deserve u.

Emmanuel Ugo: At least he still came back to d family. All hope is not lost.

Dream, follow your dreams, be passionate about something, have goals and chase them. Most importantly make sure God is on your side. Forget about him, the best is yet to come.

Bamidele Oba: Don’t let that one break you down am available come and marry me.

It’s obvious he doesn’t know what he want and when he eventually sees another lady more prettier than your cousin he will still run after her not minding the fact that they are getting married or already married.

Judith Iwu: I guess he wasn’t meant for you, you prolly took him to his rightful wife. Relax God will bless you with your own.

Abeg make she let am go, don't even know maybe he will die before 2 years.

Ure Chikwe: See yourself as United Nations for uniting two nations and helping in kick-starting a whole new generation. 👏😂💖

Just as Susu used her friend’s phone to call her then bf. Dey ended up happily NEVER after.🤗

Olivia Ikechukwu: Why will that bother you? He doesn’t know what he wants. Just keep praying that your cousin’s marriage with him last sweetly.

Such is life just move on, he’s not meant for u, I know it’s very painful but just let go, u’ll find sum1 better.

Ngozi Vivian: He’s not ur man ur own will come I know it’s hard but the right one will come and won’t bear to loose u all u need to do is beg God to give u that patience to meet the right one.

Debbie John: Hmmmm some sisters sha. She’s evil honestly. She is supposed to have your back,how can she date a man that dated her sis, does she have conscience??

Onyebuchi Metus: God use you to answer your cousin sister prayer.

Savage. That’s life, u did good, u facilitated the coming together of the two souls meant for each other.

Glory Harry: Girl brace yourself up and let go, it’s painful though, I can’t judge ur cousin or d guy the one that is meant for you is coming. Smile go to her wedding and wish them well.

Humble Cynthia: Hummm, the pain will always be there, no matter how she tries to forget.

No one know how many years they have dated, before he decided to see her parents, and before dey made this move, they have decided to get married and he just left her for d cousin sis.

Eno go easy naw, well babe just move on,no one knows tomorrow shaa, e fit be say na u fo happy pass in future ni.

Henry Pires: Well this is one side story. If we have the opportunity to listen to the guy now, we will find out that the fault is from you.

A man always appreciate a woman did not stress him and give him peace of mind may be u are very expressive. Some girls will say without u haven’t seen my people or pay my pride prize I will not cook for you or Wash your clothes.

But if your cousin do all this and also plan future with him, so what do you think will happen I will marry her sharp sharp.

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Eishaaat Emmanuel Ugo Smiles Thelma Igwebuike


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