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2 Reasons Why Nini May Quit Her Relationship With Saga After He Revealed His Task To Her

Before I proceed to telling you the two reasons why Nini May quit the relationship she has with Saga after he revealed the secret task that was given to him by Biggie to her, Let me bring to your notice the main reason why the housemates went in for the reality show.

Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eyes" season 6 reality show is aimed at bringing talented people into the TV show in order for them to display their potentials for the world to see, and one of the housemates will be given millions of Naira as the overall winner of the TV show.

Also, participants of the reality show stand a chance of getting endorsement deals, contracts, political appointments, etc. These could have been a reminder to Saga as regards why he's in the big brother's house.

A few hours ago, Biggie called Saga to go to the diary room, on getting there, Biggie gave him a task that should be kept secret. The secret task was for him to avoid his girlfriend Nini until he is further called to the diary room.

Knowing fully well that the task will be difficult for him, Saga accepted the task and decided to play along as Biggie had instructed. After Saga left the diary room, he started acting by the instruction but along the line, he got into a heated quarrel with Nini when she started avoiding him too.

This may also surprise you to know that Saga went and disclosed everything that was meant to be kept secret to Nini, and Nini jokingly told him that he can not keep secrets. Although she said that as a joke but she may keep that in her heart because most ladies don't like guys who can't keep a secret.

Here are the two reasons why Nini may quit her relationship with Saga are...

1. She may start seeing him as someone who can not keep secrets.

2. She may not feel secure around him anymore.

Big Brother may not find it funny with the way Saga handled the task he gave to him after he disclosed his secret task to Nini even though 200 Abeg Naira was at stake if he had completed the task.

What can you say about Saga in this regard?

Do you think Nini will love him more?

Let's have your opinion.

Photo Credit: gossipmillnaija.

Content created and supplied by: Honey_Borny (via Opera News )

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