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Check Out Rihanna's Body Transformation In 20+ Photos

Our young lady Riri has experienced a truly great body change as of late and to be very fair, we're all here for it. Presently, if just all weight gains were dealt with like this from 2005 - 2020 we observe Rihanna's body and all its magnificent changes. Check out her pictures below.

As we have seen many times, when the weight of celebrity changes, people quickly criticize. When a star loses weight, they are generally praised, but can also be criticized for being too thin. When they gain weight, the pressure is much worse: People speculate and say important things because of a few pounds.

But strangely, something different happened with Rihanna. She recently came out after gaining weight, and people loved it. Of course, the few pounds Riri had gained were used as pimple for a pregnancy rumor, but overall, this noise was drowned out by praise from fans.

Believe it or not, this Bajan beauty has been making glorious music for us for numerous years, and as she went from being a shy teenager to a tough woman, her figure has changed along with her music.

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