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3 reasons why Nini should not accept to go into a relationship with Cross if he asks for one

In a recent interview with an OAP in Abuja, Big Brother Naija season 6 star, Cross revealed that he will like to pursue a romantic relationship with Nini as he is yet to see her alleged boyfriend. In line with this, I think Nini should not consider going into a relationship with Cross if he eventually comes for her considering several factors that I will reveal in this article. Link

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3 reasons why Nini should not accept to go into a relationship with Cross if he asks for one

1) If Nini should agree to be in a relationship with Cross, her decision might not sit well with Saga considering the fact that Saga was there for her all through their stay in the Big Brother house. Saga also opened up about how he feels about her. Although Nini did not let their friendship develop into a relationship, they did a lot of things couples would do together in the Big Brother house: sharing a bed, eating and always spending time and more. On this note, I won't be wrong to say that Saga is already emotionally attached to Nini. Recall, he also cried when Big Brother asked Nini to play a prank on the housemates by hiding in the secret white room.

photo credit:@Saga

This is to show how much Saga loves Nini. If Nini should accept Cross when he proposes, that might hurt Saga a lot. I think Nini should consider Saga's feelings.

2) She might be seen as a dishonest person.

Recall, Nini constantly mentioned that she is in a serious relationship which made Saga not mount pressure on her. Accepting to date Cross will portray her as a dishonest person which is not good for her reputation.

photo credit:@Nini

3) She might lose some fans

Remember, many Big Brother Naija fans enjoyed the closeness between Nini and Saga and also went ahead to tag them as a "ship". This means they have a joint fan base apart from their various fan bases. If Nini should accept Cross, some fans who loved her due to her closeness with Saga might be disappointed and also accuse Nini of using Saga to catch a cruise in the house. This might also prompt them to unfollow her on various social media platforms.

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