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Zee World: Who Is More Beautiful Among Mehek, Vedika and Roshni?

ZEEWORLD, which have brought extraordinary entertainment to Africa, with all its interesting soap operas, Twist Of faith, Young Dreams, Silver Linning, Sands of Time, King of Hearts all these programmes are dubbed to English. We Nigerians and African speaking country watch and enjoy. 

Many people found their joy as they watch their interesting series and get to see their favourite actresses.

Here are three of the hot and talented actresses; Mehek, Roshni and Vedika, we Nigerians are crazy about their role parts and gestures. They are all beautiful and gorgeous beyond the normal men's mindset of a woman's look and physique. Their acting skills are best.

However, we know fully well that these three ( Mehek, Vedika and Roshni) actresses are beautiful but the question here is who's more beautiful? 

Nia Sharma (Roshni)

Who doesn’t know Roshni? She is one of the sexiest Indian actress who played the lead role in soap opera in Zee TV, Jamal Rajal, The King of Heart, born September 17th 1991 and has been an Indian actress from 2010 to present. she is single and very much still soaring higher.

Samiksha Jaiswal (Mehek)

Samiksha Jaiswal also known as Mehek is one of the famous Zee world's actresses, she is an Indian television actress known for her lead role in Zee TV's Zindagi Ki Mehek and Noor Qureshi in Bahu Begum.

Suhasi Dhami (Vedika)

An Indian actress,known for portraying Vedika in the TV series age is just a number. She is also a dancer and a model. She is married with a child.

Now after looking at Mehek, Vedika and Roshni photos , Who do you think is more beautiful. Drop your comments.

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