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Here are 23 funny Savage replies and memes that will make you laugh. (Thank me later).

You are highly welcome to another interesting and funny comedy meme, are you worried, is your day going stressful or hectic? Don't worry much because I got a better cure for that right now, and do your best to tank me later after going through these memes.

Here I will present some funny memes that will definitely put a smile on your face and take away your anxiety, all I need from you is to stay tuned with me.

Check out and thank me later.

1)no smoking.

2) I would have done this but I don't have red shoes.

3) you ask me how is everything.

4) me when I was 9years old.

5) my dad joined twitter because of the giveaway.

6)mom: did you smoke?

7)you need high meme knowledge to understand this.

8)scientist: explaining why it's bad to stay up late.

9)if you change your phone's time zone.

10)psychology once says.

11) my shadow is a bae.

12)people have good things to say about but you have to die 1st.

13)savage replies.

14)watching horror movies with friends are comedy.

15) teacher is there anything hotter than the sun?

16) I was only testing The speed of my neighbors chicken.

17)when you determine to succeed.

18)savage replies.

19) Nigeria vs South Africa savage reply.

20) Nigeria vs Uganda savage reply.

21) driving through egusi soup.

22) how you feel and how I feel right now.

23) please like my memes.

Lol, I believe that 23 memes have definitely put a smile on your face right?

Well, I promise you that earlier and truly it comes to pass.

If I may ask, which of these actually made you laugh the most? As for me, it's number 19.

Please drop your like, comment, share, and follow me for more interesting articles.

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