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This is Madness And Not A Show Of Love - Read Comments After These Pictures Surfaced Online

The above picture you are seeing above is that of a guy celebrating his birthday and his friends deemed it fit to bathe him with dirty water.

Some people can be quite weird with their choices and what they chose to do. However, you can't possibly blame anyone because we all are entitled to our own beliefs and choices in showing to others what we truly feel.

However, I really don't know who came up with the idea of bathing people with water as a way of showing love during celebration of birthdays. But whosoever did so, did not actually planned for this kind of inhumane behaviour as part of it.

Birthdays are meant to be days of celebration, a time to show merriment and celebrate with your loved ones. It is a time to really show to them that you care and appreciate their existence in your life.

Also, it is a time for you to receive gifts and presents from people that loves you because it is one of the best moments of your life.

This is a total show of wickedness and it is not a show of love. Surely, these pictures drew the attention of people, with many showing their disapproval of it.

See some of their reactions below

One Mr Francis Chukwuemeka Samuel from the comments above, expressed his dissatisfaction towards it saying that he won't even allow clean water to be poured on him.

What do you have to say about this, let's see your views in the comment session and don't forget to like and share as well.

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Francis Chukwuemeka Samuel


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