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5 Bad Habits Every Single Ladies Need To Stop (Opinion)

Everyones habits are indeed the original identity which each and every one of us has and people will judge by your character, and the adages say, "A man is an angel what he does at a particular time to show the roles he/she plays" and another one says, "Show me your friends I'll tell you who you are".

With these two above adages, I'm sure we know the essential nature of having good habits, good habits permit us to see some connections or individuals which we didn't even expect to meet in our lives.

There are some habits that men don't like in women which are the causes of some delays in marriage.

Here are the 4 habits every single ladies need to stop:

1. Nagging: Men don't really like to date a nagging lady,they always afraid to date or marry lady with this habit please pray to God to guide you and help you to overcome it.

2. Pride: Man don't like when lady is trying to control them,they don't always scared to date or marry lady with pride.

3. Lie: Smile! You are in Lagos but you lied to him that your are in Abuja but on of his friends meet at eatery in Yaba Lagos,madam why nah,men hates liar though there are men's who have degree in lying.

4. Self-centered: "Only me",Men don't really like to date or marry a lady who only care about herself,they always prefer a lady who will always take good care of them as well

5. Lazy: Men like a hard-working lady,they always scared to date a lazy woman,they like an already established lady, that's why they like ti use "asset" for such ladies.

This are the 4 things that men don't like in a woman they want to date.

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