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5 Artistes From Hip-Hop, Fuji, Christian Gospel, And Islamic Music Industry Who Have Twin Brothers

The music industry in Nigeria is very wide. And, that is because it contains many genres of music ranging from Hip-Hop, Fuji, Juju, Highlife, Christian Gospel, Islamic Music, Rhythm and Blues, Afrobeat and the rest of them. So, there is always a choice for every music lover in Nigeria depending on what kind of music appeals to them. And, as Nigerian music industry has many genres of music, so it has different individuals singing them.

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And, it would interest you to know that, beyond just individuals, there is a number of artistes who have twin brothers across the genres of music being played in Nigeria. In other words, just like the Hip-Hop genre has either, both of the twins or one half of the twins, singing it, so does Fuji has it too, as well as few other genres of music. So, as at the last count, there are at least, 5 popular artistes who have twin brothers in the Nigerian music circuit. So, in this piece, this writer would present them all to you.

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Until sometime in September, 2017, the Nigerian music industry had in its fold, identical twins, Paul and Peter Okoye, but better known then with their stage name, Psquare. Psquare was one of the popular set of twins rocking the Hip-Hop music scene for a long while. But in 2017, the duo had irreconcilable differences between them which led to their splitting, eventually. And, after some time, Peter who adopted another stage name of Mr. P, started to perform as a solo artiste. But nothing much has been heard from Paul, who also adopted new stage name of Rude Boy, as far as his solo music career is concerned.

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Ajogbajesu Twins on their own part, are a set of identical twins popular in the Christian Gospel music circle. And, they have been singing together since they hit the limelight many years ago. The twins who are very talented even have an older sister, Bukola Adegbodu, who is a gospel artiste too. But, she does not sing as a member of the same group with her brothers, but as a solo artiste. Without any shred of doubt, Ajogbajesu Twins who are deeply bonded together, are part of the talented singers making the Christian Gospel Music industry in Nigeria tick.

Alhaji Kehinde Oriyomi is one half of twins who is rocking the Islamic music industry in Nigeria, so hard. In fact, he is about the best artiste in the industry in the last one year. And a testimony to that feat was his emergence as the Best Male Islamic Artiste of the Year at Islamic Music and Associated Nominees (IMAN) Awards in November, 2020. Note, IMAN Awards happen to be the only award event wholly dedicated to the Islamic music industry in Nigeria. Though, not much is known about the whereabouts of his twin brother or sister, as the case may be, but Kehinde Oriyomi is one of the twin artistes rocking the music industry in Nigeria.

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Alhaji Taye Akande Adebisi better known as Taye Currency, and his twin brother, Kehinde, used to be together in his Fuji music band. In other words, while Taye Currency was, and still the band leader in the Fuji music band, his twin brother, Kehinde, was one of the back-up singers in the band till he passed on, some years ago. And, Taye Currency, after the demise of his twin brother, has kept his flourishing Fuji music band going forward, ever since. In fact, the twin Fuji music star is currently, a Special Adviser on Culture and Tourism to the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde. So, Taye Currency is one of the twin artistes still exhibiting their talents in the music industry in Nigeria today.

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Alhaji Rashidi Ayinde otherwise known as Serubawon, who is also a Fuji music star like Taye Currency, is a twin too. The twin brother to the Fuji Merenge Creator as Rashidi Ayinde is also known, is reportedly based in the United States of America, and he is said to be doing fine there. Rashidi Ayinde is an Ibadan, Oyo State, based Fuji music star, and he is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to quality Fuji music.

So, all the above artistes are twins in their own rights, and they are all rocking the music industry in Nigeria till date.

Content created and supplied by: SaheedOjubanire (via Opera News )

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