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Poverty is bad:See before and after photo of Jumoke hawking bread on the street of lagos

No one who tests wealth will like to go back to being poor. Their is no nobility in being poor. 80 percent of human personal problem is finances. For every rich man or woman you see out there, have a story to tell. Some of their story is a sweet story. Most, it's a bitter sweet story. The story of Olajumoke Orisaguna is a bitter sweet story.

A lady who at 29 years of age was still hawking bread on the street of Lagos to support her family, she had no degree, she can't communicate fluent in English, but within a year, her life completely changed. What was a photo shoot error became an upliftment. 

Olajumoke Orisaguna while hawking bread on the streets of Lagos, she walked into a photo shoot of a popular Nigeria photographer TY Bello unknown to her. After the photoshoot, while TY Bello was editing the pictures, he found an image of Olajumoke amongst the pictures taken. That was the moment her luck clicked. TY Bello searched for the lady and got her. The beginning of a new life chapter. Jumoke the bread seller became Jumoke the model.

Jumoke got lots of gigs from different companies and makeup schools. Her story went viral across the world. 

If you're tired about life, use the story of Jumoke the bread girl to have more faith in God.

Content created and supplied by: Raphkendo (via Opera News )

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