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Opinion: How Malaika Is Edging Out Saheed Osupa As Main Rival To Pasuma In Fuji Music Industry

Fuji music industry in Nigeria has witnessed some rivalries amongst the artsistes within it for many years. As a matter of fact, the first 2 proponents of Fuji as a brand of music, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who is the Fuji music creator, and Alhaji Kollington Ayinla, the second artiste to sing Fuji, have a long history of rivalry between them. Reportedly, most of the youthful years of the 2 Fuji music legends were spent rivaling each other, and they only became very cordial few years before the demise of Barrister who passed on in December, 2010.

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So, artistes being rivals is not strange to Fuji music as the founding fathers started it. Therefore, it is not surprising that the man who is widely known as the King of Fuji music today, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal better known as K1, and Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere too have been rivals of a sort for years. But their's is not so pronounced because K1 does not seem to see Obesere as a rival as such. And the reason may likely be that, the Mayegun of Yoruba Land as K1 is also known, sees himself as too accomplished to be rivaling Obesere for anything, whatsoever.

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Meanwhile, after that of Barrister and Kollington, the only other rivalry that had been so pronounced in Fuji music industry had been the one between Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma and King (Dr.) Saheed Okunola simply known as Saheed Osupa. And interestingly, they are both contemporaries in the Fuji music industry just like Barrister and Kollington were. Moreover, just like Kollington is from Kwara State, Pasuma too is from Kwara State. Also, just like Barrister hailed from Oyo State, Saheed Osupa too is also from Oyo State. Quite interesting. Isn't it?

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Now to the main story. Over the years, Saheed Osupa who many believe does not have as many fans as Pasuma, despite being a deeper and more profound singer, has rivaled Pasuma in a manner that could be described as "bumper to bumper". But the situation seems to be fast changing as there is another artiste who appears to have emerged on the horizon, to edge Saheed Osupa out of the rivalry game with Pasuma. And it is no other artiste than Alhaji Sulaiman Alao Adekunle, who is simply referred to as Malaika. By status, Malaika, according to the development in Fuji music industry in the last few years, is fast becoming the next rated big artiste after Pasuma.

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And his rise to that level has been slow and steady since the release of his very successful album which was titled: "Proper Music" in 2011, as he has not been resting on his oars from that point in time. And some how, Malaika himself seems to be seeing Pasuma as his only rival. So, it is not a surprise that all the albums he has released since after the "Proper Music" have kept registering him more and more as a major artiste to reckon with in the industry after Pasuma and not Saheed Osupa like it used to be. The Malaika's albums in question include: "Special Day" which was released in 2012, " Super Star" which was released in 2014, "Original" which was released in 2016, "Golden Jubilee" which was released in 2017, and "Example" which was released in 2019.

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Any follower of trends in Fuji music industry would attest to the fact that, unlike before that Saheed Osupa was the only parameter used to judge Pasuma's music and level as an artiste, Malaika has succeeded in coming into the fray for a while now. And Malaika too has obviously realised that fact of him becoming the new main rival to Pasuma with Saheed Osupa being gradually edged out, because he has been observed to be taking a jibe at Pasuma in some of his recent albums like Saheed Osupa used to do with same Pasuma in the past.

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A good case in point of such jibe was when Pasuma said he had become the "Oga Nla" of Fuji which can be translated to mean the "Big Boss" of Fuji. And Malaika said in his next album afterwards that, "Olori l'emi, emi kii se oga eeyan kankan" meaning, "I'm a Leader and not a Boss to anybody". And he also went on to analyse that, a Boss would always boss people around and take undue credit for their achievement. While on the other hand, a Leader like himself, would only lead by example and share the credit of any achievement with the followers. Certainly, keen observers of happenings in Fuji music industry knew who the statement was directed at without mentioning names.

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And by always striving to better himself with each of his album releases, Malaika has become a major force to reckon with as a big star in Fuji music industry today. As a matter of fact, to many Fuji music lovers, he has actually become the next big star to rival Pasuma as he is gradually edging Saheed Osupa out of the equation. Though, many Saheed Osupa's fans may not agree with that assertion.

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