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See What UNN Staff Did To A Student Just Because Of What She Wore

A lady took to her social media platforms to depict what UNN staff did to her friend who went to submit her assignment.

Her friend who was decently dress was harassed by Academic and non academic staff who were supposed to be on strike.

The lady narrated that they " they took her friends phone delete her pictures, read her phone messages, went to whatapp read and deleted all her message drag her hair, broke her phone screen and told her she is a witch.

As if it not enough, they interrogated her on how she got money to buy iPhone 7+, put their hands in her clothes, removed her waist-beads tore her clothes, sayings she is also a cultist, that she initiates people into cultism and a lesbian.

They photocopied her school I.D card threatening to terminate her admission.

All this happened because she wore a Black t-shirt and Yellow Midi Skirt and tied her hair with Durag.

Do you think Certain clothes should not be put on, just because they are dress code of certain gang members. Or the staff went to far and should render apologizes to her.

Kindly share your thoughts on the comment section below.

Content created and supplied by: PrinceLaw007 (via Opera News )

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