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Son Writes His Mom’s Advice on Signs and It’s Going Viral Because She’s So Wise

A son has made an Instagram account full of his mom's words of wisdom and not only has it turned them both into Instagram sensations, but the messages are super important.

We all know the saying "mom knows best."

But whether we listen or not is a whole other question.

But one mom has skyrocketed to Instagram fame for her advice.

People can’t get enough of her wise words, and it’s not hard to see why.

Meet Pranav and his mom, Poonam.

Together, this duo aims to spread light, positivity, and laughter with Poonam’s words of wisdom.

When lockdown started earlier this year, Pranav began seeing photos on Instagram of people holding up signs donning powerful messages.

This sparked an idea in his mind about using his own mom’s advice in the same way.

After some hesitation, Poonam decided to try it out for fun with her son.

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“Initially it was the basic things all moms would say — things like eat your veggies, wear enough warm clothes, etc. Then we realized that people were actually noticing and responding favorably. So we started putting more thought into saying powerful things,” she told BuzzFeed.

But it's evolved into much more...

“As the pandemic spread worldwide, we tried harder to spread the word, to be more cautious, and to spread smiles and positivity,” Pranav added.

Poonam's messages quickly started gaining attention online...

And the account has grown to over 125,000 followers.

But, it seems their newfound Instagram fame came as a shock to the mother-son duo.

“We were quite surprised at how it became so popular. We truly are grateful for the outpouring of love and all those comments full of love and good humor. They cheer me up and boost me to do more,” Poonam said.

Poonam says that her messages are so important because young people are listening...

“I want to share things that are super important and things that do not get enough importance in the hustle and bustle of the day — things like mental health, posture, equality, our environment, and so on.”

She continued:

“There’s so much to say, and what better than a space where everyone is willing to listen and contribute.”

People are now calling Poonam their "internet mom."

“I am so happy with this welcome — I always used to write some things for myself or sing a song or write a poem, but now I have a place to share them with the world. The fact that it helps others have a better day makes us try harder and do better.”

It's important to the pair that they bring smiles to people's faces.

“More often than not, I tell my son it’s not important how many likes a post gets — what’s more important is the invaluable smiles we bring to the faces of those who see the posts,” Poonam said.

And it's clearly working...

The duo says they get tons of messages every day from people all around the globe.

“People keep sending messages asking how I’m doing, and they tell me that what we post helps them through their day,” Poonam said.

She continued...

“They look forward to the posts, and in turn, that makes my day, too.”

Poonam says she reads and enjoys all the comments about her posts.

As well as reading private messages too.

The pair are always making sure to post a variety of messages to resonate with as many people as possible.

“Sometimes we try to motivate people to do better and keep trying — we want them to never give up and to know that when life is tough, they can be tougher,” Pranav explained.

Part of what Poonam enjoys about running the Instagram is sharing her life experiences...

And the lessons she has learned along the way.

Poonam stands by the fact that it's never too late to learn something new.

“It’s never too late to learn something. I’m 64 years young, and I’m learning music and art — sometimes, when kids’ parents see me at music and art classes, they think I am the teacher and are surprised to hear that I, too, come there to learn.”

She also has a lot to say on the topic of finding happiness.

“…from my experience, I can say happiness is in cherishing the small joys. It’s not just achievements or things we possess; it’s experiences, moments, and the simple things,” she said.

The internet truly can't get enough of her worldly advice.

And we have to say, we can’t either.

She's built up quite a fanbase...

And the comments section is constantly filled with praise from fans.

Many pieces of her advice give us some home truths...

And we’re here for it.

How sweet?

This one is a personal favorite.

This definitely exposed a few of us...

Maybe it is time to ditch the cell phone every once in a while.

Poonam's words of wisdom are just what the world needs.

Thank you for your incredible advice and positivity, Poonam!

To check out more, you can follow Poonam on Instagram.

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