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Indomie Generation: Do You Still Remember This Black And White Television And This Radio (Photos)

There are many old days things that are really useful today, but it makes some of those stuff useless because of the technology updating every day. Know the truth about all that old electronics? They are typically the best, because, unlike those they do this day, they are designed with good circuits and very good resistors.

I was reviewing some Facebook posts when I saw one of the most important electronics shared on a Facebook page back in the 1990s, saying "If you know this radio say Hi, indomie children shift Biko".

Many of them don't know what we went through only because of this radio that our parents almost beat our life out of the body when we touch it, they don't joke with it. It reaches a certain point when I was about to give up anytime they asked me to go and bring the radio,I would bear it like an egg.

It was fun then, and not like these days, no quality electronics. Some people have been searching for something like this for a while, giving owners of these things # 50,000 and above only to get something inside the black and white TV or this sort of radio.

If you still have anything like this don't let our beating go for nothing, go and sell it, it's now expensive, I think they have something valuable inside it.

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Biko Black And White Indomie


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