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Fans blast singer 'Waje' for saying she was banned by church after getting pregnant as a chorister

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A popular singer whose real name is Aituaje Iruobe, but popularly known by her music name as Waje, went down memory lane during the week when she recounted how she got pregnant while writing the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations.

Waje confessed she got in love with a guy in her SS3 whom she had affair with and got her pregnant while she was preparing for her exams.

She said she was also a chorister in her church when she got pregnant.

According to Waje, her pastor did call her and inquired if she was pregnant? She said yes because her pastor had told her she was standing before the Holy Spirit hence would die if she lied.

Waje stated that after her confession, the pastor told her she was restrained from been a chorister but should always come to the church.

“He asked me, ‘Are you pregnant?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. He was so disappointed. He told me he wanted to see me in church every Wednesday and Sunday, but I would no longer sing in the choir.”

The singer said her mother never said, anything bad to her but asked her to go back to bed when she finally found out.

“After one morning devotion, I told her I had something to tell her. I told her I was pregnant and wasn’t planning on aborting it.

At that point, she already knew who was responsible because he used to come to our house. After telling her, she told me to go back to bed. However, I knew something in her broke because she didn’t go back to sleep.”

Waje of recent recounted how she was banned by the pastor but her mother stood by her.

This has got social media enthusiasts angry, thereby blasting Waje for making it look like the Church did bad thing as it was right for her to be banned else would give room for others to do same.

See reactions from people who blasted Waje for her statement.

What do you think? Was the church right or wrong?

Please like, share and leave your opinion in the comment section.

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