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Where did your father get cash to buy bike, fans attack Success for making audio money video

Fans of Success Adegor, the seven year old girl who was sent home from school for not paying N900 examination fee in Sapele in 2019 has been tongue lashed for making a recent video that is trending that says, nobody gave her any money, that all what they promised her was not given to her, after the 'Dem go flog Dem go tire' video

 Success in the video had lamented that apart from paying her school fees, all what was promised her was not handed to her, calling the promises audio.

But fans who seems to know her have called her ungrateful person, with one video of popular Mr Jollof calling her 'edeerukaye' meaning they only appreciate when we have done good for them' in Urhobo language.

 "I personally went to pay one hundred thousand naira school fees for her at His Majesty International School and his relatives followed us to the school that day, how did his father buy a bike of over one hundred thousand naira for himself? Why did the mother fight with the other lady? Is it not because of sharing formula? " Mr Jollof querried in a minute video.

 Other fans have lashed out at her too.

Here are other comments on her

@Ohwefe Desmond Usiada

Hmmmmm, my conclusion be say make we dey try dey appreciate every little good and kindness people show us and in same vain, make we dey do good from our heart without expecting anything in return not even thank you because good suppose be part of us. Nor be say as we do good give person finish e nor say thank you , the next thing na to vex begin insult the person and he family. That one nor be genuine good again.

@Uruemuesiri Okeme:For me any little thing person give you 

You go appreciate am

And make it multiple 

Is a gift from the heart 

You can’t come back to say something else 

We have many people who needs help

In the world 

So if reach you turn make used of it well.

For me this is not acceptable 

@phumie layo:This is what happens when highly intelligent kids are rewarded with plastic spoons, plate bucket... And reward carry do with huge sums and public recognitions.

@Solomon Okpegwa:He pain me say 💭, this thing happen for my town… he pain me reach bone… town way I done use SUCCESS take boast, see DISGRACE… 

Now I see why big men stingy…

@Matthew Asuelimhen: This is the life of some people......very ungrateful heart. All they want its continuous sapping of kind hearted persons. I Shame for the parent and they have used their own hands to tarnish and throw away blessings. No investment and planning.....Fowl wen de lay egg, yansh de pain am oooo.

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