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If marvel superheroes and villans had kids

Hello guys welcome to today's article today we would be looking forward to see if marvel superheroes and villans had kids

Before we countinue make sure you do me a favor and 'follow me'

You will be surprised at the way there offsprings will act as a result of who there parent are

Today I have put together a set of the most famous villans and superheroes in the marvel industries

Every parent would like to leave and offspring behind before he or she dies I pray we all do so

So below are some pics of super heroes and villans offspring

Make sure you seat back and relax cause this Is definitely going to be funny, educative, hilarious

Spider Man with the web, spider baby with the dipers🤣🤣

Papa with the body and the gadget, baby with the toast breads 😅😅

Papa with the Marine animal features, baby with the octupos leg.😆😆

Papa bird, son egg🥚🐣

Aqua man with the ocean , aqua baby with the fish bowl

Aqua man with the bat cloths , aqua baby with bat characteristics

Really funny am I right

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Thanks for reading see you later

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Marine Papa Spider Man


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