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My Bad Boy In Disguise Chapter 39 (Fiction)

My Bad Boy In Disguise 👑 👓 

💖💖💖💖Chapter 39💖💖💖💖

Love the life you live, live the life you love. 

👓👓👓👓Ashley POV 👓👓👓👓

 So far so good moments pass like magic as seconds became minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days travel to weeks then months and now its hitting to a year. I can't help but cherish the bliss moments contain in I and Pascal''s romantic relationship, each seconds it get stronger and more beautiful. That I can't think of my life without Pascal Eros the boy that has finally stolen my heart, my soul and body and its worth every moment. I had gone to countless of dates with him, spend the holidays with him like Christmas holiday when I and mom were invited to a family dinner with the Heywoods and even New year. Pascal mom got me a very pretty shoes, his dad so sweet and charming allowed us to use his private jet with the boys  and Beverly. We actually went to Paris for the weekend. 

  Paris is beautiful, we took pictures with the fascinating tower and in Paris in one of the most luxurious and lavish suite that I lost my virginity to Pascal and I don't regret because it so beautiful and mind blowing. 

  My room is full of photographs of mostly i and pascal with the boys and my bestie. They had finally turned me into a bad student, i got lots of detentions, go clubbing with them do lots of crazy stuffs. 

  And guess what? We will be graduating next week , its so exciting that soon we are going to enter college but what saddens me anytime I think about college is that I and Pascal will be separated because I applied for YALE university and Pascal is going to Harvard university we had no idea things will turn around like us falling in love. I wish we can attend the same uni but Olivia has already submitted our application since in second year of senior class. 

  Everyone attitude has changed to me except Priscilla she's still trying to get rid of me. So far her plans kept crash. 

  The last thing I plan to do this week before graduation is to cherish every moment in Heywood and have fun because soon it will become memories. I check my schedule I have gym class and Mrs Thomas says we will be swimming.  

  "Hey sweetie were are your swimsuit? ". Pascal ask as soon as I enter the swimming room. He comes and hug me as he kiss me sweety on the lips, his wearing his swimsuit allowing me to Google on his hard abs that stood out predominantly, his perfectly sun-kissed skin of well tanned body.  

  "I just wanted to kiss you good luck before the game starts ". I say hugging him the boys will be doing some swimming contest among themselves and so are girls. 

  "Good idea baby, my good luck charm is giving you..... " He says kissing my neck making me giggle as its so ticklish as his mouth is hot and sweet on my neck as he suck hard biting me gently trying to mark me by giving me a hickey. 

  "Done sweetheart, have marked my territory ". He informs smirking. 

 "Am not your property Mr Pascal ". I teased backing away from him. 

  "Then what are you Miss Ashley? " he says grinning how I like it. 

  "A nerd you fall in love with ". I say smiling getting ready for to run if Pascal get me he slap my butt. 

  "Correction She's not just a nerd, She's a very sexy one. Look at Beverly". He says causing me to Turn before I knew it Pascal spank my ass playfully. 

I faked. "Ouch, you cheated ". I accused smiling. 

  "Yeah sorry sweetie I can't let you run away with getting a feel of that fine ass ". He says making me giggle, I give him a quick kiss on lips 

  "I have to go change baby". I say rushing out before he trap me and won't let me go.  


  Running upstairs to my gym locker to get my swimsuit and go to the change room and get ready. After wearing my swimsuit an wanted guest walks in. 

  "Hello Ashley "/ she says in a cold voice making me flinch, i couldn't see her face in the dim light but I knew who she is?  

  "What do you want? " I ask knowing she's up no good. 

  "I want what is mine". She says coming closer to me, its scaring me so I move back. 

  "I don't understand? " I ask playing dumb. 

  "You have take him away from me Ashley, you take what is mine and you most pay for it"/ she says bring out something from her pocket, a knife. Lord help me. 

 I move back hoping to find an exit, she's gonna stab me that knife if I don't get away from her. "Priscilla? Plz don't do it"/ I plead. 

 She laughs making me nervous in fright. "Pascal will be mine if I get rid of you". She says wanting to stab me I manage to dodge running away trying to find a way out. But unfortunately I found a dead end, a small terrace from the highest floor leading to the huge swimming pool. 

  "You think you can run" she says smiling coming closer with the knife in her hand. 

  "Priscilla don't do this, think about going to jail if you stab me". I reason with her. 

  "I don't care as long as you are out of the picture ". About to stab me, I don't know how I did it but i i use my hand to shield myself from the knife. Its spears my palm as blood starts to drip but lucky I mange to make her throw the knife falling straight into the pool. 

  "What have I ever done to you, to deserve this harsh cold treatment from you Priscilla. Stop whatever you are doing, we can fix this, make amends and I promise I won't tell anyone about this day. We can become friends and put the past behind us. Plz Priscilla let everything go". I plead and reasoned with her meaning every words I say. 

  She stood quiet for a while before speaking. "No never I hate you because you took away the only boy I have ever like, i hate you more because everyone loves talking about how great,kind and sweet you are. I hate even more because....... because I am so much better than you in looks, beauty and power but you still took away what's all mine!!! ". She states nearly pushing me off the terrace. 

  "Am sorry if you feel that way Priscilla but we can share and amends on the ones you can't have". I say getting ready for my last prayers realizing only a miracle can save me. 

  "Never Priscilla Albert doesn't share, if I can't have it then no one shall have it. Not even you! " those were her last words before pushing me off from the five story building. 

  As I fall I pray in silent for the lord to help me and let me survive again, like have did all those years when I lost everyone but the only difference of then and now is that I have to live for the people that have showed me love and reason to live life for its worth. 

 Soon I fell into water struggling for breath, fighting to survive even as I feel the chances slipping away. But I gotta make it as I loose my breath drinking so much water making me drift away. 

👑 👑 👑 Pascal POV 👑 👑 👑 👑 

   As I come out of the Water and couldn't find Ashley among the students, i start to get worried, what is taking her so long? I feel something bad has happened to her. 

 I gotta find her, maybe she's with Beverly, but saw Beverly coming towards me alone. 

  "Have you seen Ashley?? "We ask together. 

  "No have been looking around d for her". Bev says worried, this is not good then. 

   "Where are the boys? " I ask her, she point to their direction but when we ask about Ashley we got the same response. 

  "You boys should check around while I and Pascal will check upstairs for her". Beverly says as we all spread looking for Ashley, oh God I hope she's alright. 

  We went to her gym locker but she wasn't there. "Let's check the change room". Beverly offers as we head to the room. 

  The room is Quiet and empty as we go inside, we found Ashley's cloths scattered on the floor and her cell phone is in a corner of the room. I start to feel uneasy and bad like something bad is happening to my Ashley . on the terrace we saw blood on the ground. 

Beverly peeks over the terrace "OMG!!!! I think Ashley fell over". Beverly informs in a shaken panic voice. Causing me to peek, no that can't? I say in disbelief. "If Ashley fell off I have to save her". I say wanting to jump down but Beverly stop me. "Are you crazy! If you jump down like this you will die". She says pulling me out. 

I have no idea how I passed the flight of stars, all I know is that am down and one thing in my mind is for Ashley to stay with me, to be okay. And not to leave me. Plz God save her. I pray as I run to the pool area. 

 The pool is already crowded with students as they watch Ashley in the pool I try to jump in but they stopped me saying the pool area Ashley fell in is too deep only an expert can go in. 

"No let me go, Ashley is in there!! " I shout struggling to pull from there hold. 

  "Ashley!!! " I manage to push them going to the water. Soon the boys follow in wanting to help not those bunch of morons trying to stop me when Ashley is drowning. 

  I swim deep down pool to look for Ashley, there I saw her down drowned and sinking. Oh lord help her, I pray as I hold her this is bad she's kind of lifeless. 

It took all my strength and the boys to pull Ashley out of the water. I lay her down as I try to do CPR. 

 "Ashley plz stay with me".  I say as blow air into her mouth as I press down her chest. She coughs out lots of water. But she doesn't wake up. 

   "Ashley!!!! Ashley plz wake up ".  I beg as she doesn't wake up. 

  "Plz stay with me". I begged  hoping for her to open her eyes.  


  Soon the ambulance was called and Ashley was taken to the hospital. . i followed. it breaks my heart to see Ashley in this state, she looks so pale, fragile and weak, i wish it was me not her. 

 But come to think of it, Ashley can't fall like that on her own. Unless she was pushed off by someone and that reminds me on the floor of the terrace there was blood. And Sebastian found a knife in the pool. The question is who is behind this?  


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