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Fiction: The elder's daughter (episode 26)

Janet and Esther wept for Naomi. Janet stood up and ran to the nurse “Please allow me to see my friend just one more time before she is gone. Please let me just pay my last respect. Naomi was a sister to me, more than a friend” she cried, kneeling down. The nurse looked at her and with her hands, made a sign to ask her to wait. She went inside the room and after about two minutes, she came back, waving her hand to Janet. Esther followed her. They found Naomi covered in a white bed sheet from head to toes. Esther’s heart was beating fast. The nurse lifted up the sheet from her face.

There was cotton wool in her nostrils and ears, probably to drain blood. Esther looked at her in wonder: she still looked so beautiful, except that her face had somehow become pale and darker. Janet fell down on the floor and wept. Esther remained strong. She picked Janet up and, with the help of the nurse, managed to bring her out of the room. They brought her to the waiting room and made her to sit down. “Calm down Janet. You need to be strong” Esther said. Janet wept like a child, hitting her hands on the floor.

After a couple of minutes, they saw a group of medical personnel taking Naomi’s body to the cold room. “Oh no, they are taking her to the mortuary! She is going to be left alone. Naomi please come back. Please come back to me!” Janet screamed. Esther hugged her and comforted her. The nurse came to meet them after a few minutes “Ladies, I am really sorry for the loss.

I pray that God comforts your hearts. Please make sure you inform her parents and relatives so that they can make funeral arrangements” she said. Janet, who had managed to calm down, nodded her head in agreement. She picked up her phone and made a call to Naomi’s home landline. She cried as she informed her mother of the passing on of her daughter. “I don’t know what killed her aunty, I don’t know. You will need to find out from the doctor” Janet said, weeping bitterly.

After all this, they decided to go back to the Campus. Janet was still crying as the male students boarded a taxi. It was almost 10pm when they arrived at the Campus. Esther escorted Janet to her room. “Are you sure you will be ok?” Esther asked. Janet nodded her head “I will be fine. I am calling someone to spend the night with me.

I would have gone to Naomi’s house but I can’t miss tomorrow’s exams” Janet said. Esther gently closed the door and walked down the hallway. “Hey, how is your friend doing? Did you manage to take her to the hospital?” One lady asked Esther. Esther felt weak “She passed away” she answered. The group of ladies all put their hands on the mouth in astonishment. Esther was becoming weaker. She felt like she was having a running stomach. In all her life, she has never felt the pain of losing someone she knew. The only time she lost someone close to her was when her grandmother passed on. However, she was still very young and couldn’t feel the pain of losing her.

She walked down the hallway, lost in her thoughts. She decided to spend some time under her favorite eucalyptus tree. She sat down and thought about what had just happened. She thought of Naomi and how she had lost her life in such horrible conditions. She imagined how the boyfriend would react. “But what about that bracelet? And what if she was carrying Jacob’s child? But Jacob is not around right now, unless he came without letting me know” she thought to herself.

Suddenly, she felt so terrified as she thought of death. She cried like a little baby, holding the rocky chair tightly. After a few minutes, she felt someone touch her shoulder. She stood up in fear and shouted. It was David. He was about to laugh when he saw tears on Esther’s face. “Esther, what is the matter?” he said. Without even hesitating, Esther ran into his arms and cried so deeply. David held her tight and waited for her to finish crying. He could see that she was very broken.

He hugged her and made her to sit down, holding her. “What is going on my friend?” he asked. Esther was still sobbing. David allowed her to cry as he rubbed his hand gently on her back “It’s alright. Whatever it is, it will pass. Just calm down. Crying doesn’t solve issues” he said gently.

Esther calmed down and slowly narrated Naomi’s death to David. However, she did not tell him anything about her game with Prince. David shook his head in dismay “My lord! This is really sad.

What a wasted life! Why would someone think of aborting a child when there are millions of people seeking to have just one child?” he said. “I am sure she was not ready to become a mother. She was still enjoying her life” Esther answered. “Well, look at where all this brought her to! I wonder what the boyfriend or the father of the child will say.” David said. Esther was quiet for a while.

David: What are you thinking about?

Esther: I really don’t know David. I am suspecting that Naomi was having an affair with Jacob

David: What! Which Jacob?

Esther: Jacob my fiancé

David: How do you know? And how did they even meet? I thought your fiancé stays in your city and only comes here once in a while

Esther: Sure he does, but he knows Naomi and Janet. I introduced them the first day he brought me to school

David: Oh yes, I think I remember. That was the day I found him in your former hostel. But what makes you suspect such a thing?

Esther: Yes. One day when I went to Jacob’s hotel room, I found a bracelet on the floor. It seemed to me that he had brought a lady and she probably forgot it there, or maybe it fell down there. But this night, when we were taking Naomi to the hospital, I saw the same bracelet on Naomi’s wrist. I could swear it’s the same one I saw in his room

David: Hmm. Well, I can never be surprised. That girl lived such a promiscuous life. Do you know that because of her, at least two women have divorced their husbands?

Esther: What! Are you serious?

David: Yes. Honestly I am not trying to judge her or anything, but I sincerely believe that she has just reaped what she sowed. If you know how many families those girls have ruined, you would be shocked.

Esther: Hmm. Anyway, I am going to ask Jacob. This time around, I am ready to face any consequences with my father

David: But Esther, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I really don’t know why you should be upset that Jacob is cheating on you when you are also doing the same.

Esther: What do you mean?

David: well, what about the guy that I saw you with the other day? Both of you were busy cuddling.

Esther: There is nothing between us

David: Hmm. That didn’t look like nothing to me.

Esther looked at David and asked “David, do you love me?” David looked surprised. “Why are you asking me such a question Esther? You are engaged and whatever I say wouldn’t make any difference” he said. Esther held him by the hand and asked again, with a serious look on her face “David, do you love me? Please just be honest with me.”

David looked straight in her eyes and smiled “I have never loved any other girl the way I have loved you Esther. It’s just a pity that we can’t be together..” Esther did not allow David to finish his sentence. She hugged him so tightly and gave him a kiss “Then let’s run away together” she said. David laughed “I can’t do that Esther. It’s true that I had once thought of that, but you are engaged now and I wouldn’t want to bring trouble to your family” he said. Esther looked sad. She cried. David hugged her “Enough of the tears. You need to get some rest now. Let me take you to your room so that you can rest. You are having exams tomorrow and so am I.

I also need to go and study. My roommate is not around, so I have the whole night to study without disturbing anyone” he said. Esther turned back “Please can I sleep in your room tonight? I am filled with fear. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep.” She said. David gently disagreed with Esther, but because she insisted a lot, he finally agreed. Angela called her as she got inside David’s room and Esther told her she wouldn’t sleep in her room that night. Angela was surprised, but she did not insist.

“Do you need anything to eat?” David asked Esther as they arrived. “No, I am fine thanks. I just want to rest” Esther answered. David covered her with his blanket as she starred at the ceiling, thinking about everything that had happened that night. David, who saw that she was perplexed, slept beside her. That night, they both had sexual intercourse.

“Grrrr, grrrr” the alarm rang, David switched on the light. “Damn, time goes so fast!” he sighed. Esther arose from her sleep “What time is it?” she asked.

“It’s 5am” David answered. Esther quickly rose up and got dressed “I need to rush to take a bath, have my breakfast and leave for classes” she said. David laughed “You look like someone who has just robbed the bank” he said jokingly. Esther laughed. She got dressed and left. David escorted her to her room as it was quite dark. “Let’s meet this evening at 7pm.

I will be at my shop. We need to talk. David said as he gave her a hug. Esther smiled. She entered her room feeling so happy. Angela woke up “Hi Esther. You are back!” she said, rubbing her eyes. Esther was dancing and singing happily “I am back my dear” she answered. “Hmm, you look too happy this morning. You need to fill me in” Angela said. “I will. Wake up, let’s go and take a bath then I’ll tell you everything that happened” Esther said.

Esther narrated every single thing to Angela. This time around, she decided to tell her everything, including her game with Prince and her night spent with David

Angela: I can’t believe you were lying to me Esther. What if something bad had happened to you?

Esther: I am sorry Angie! I didn’t mean to lie to you. I was just so desperate. Please forgive me

Angela: No problem my dear. I am just glad this whole thing is over. But I am equally shocked to hear about the death of that lady. What a waste!

Esther: It’s incredible. I still can’t believe I witnessed her death.

Angela: If Jacob is the owner of the pregnancy, then I would say he is an animal. But there is also something I would like to say to you Esther because you are like a sister to me and I can only tell you the truth

Esther: Go ahead

Angela: I think it was not wise for you to spend the night with David. I know you love him so much, but you don’t have to force yourself on him. If he wants you, he would eventually come. You need to keep your dignity as a lady

Esther: I know Angela. One part of me is happy that I did it but another part is quite disappointed that I threw myself in his arms like a prostitute. But to tell you the truth Angela, ever since I was raped by Jacob, something in me changed. I no longer see myself as a person with dignity. I consider my body as worthless.

Angela: My God! This is the main reason why this beast should be taken to prison. What he did was a terrible act

Esther: I know. Sometimes I just wish I could kill him with my own hands. I would be happy to shed his blood myself. He robbed me of the most precious thing that I ever had, a symbol of my dignity and ever since then, I feel naked and useless

Angela: I wish I could give you back what he stole from you, but the only thing I can tell you is to just move on with your life. Don’t allow this issue to rob you of your great destiny. Life goes on. You should thank God that you didn’t fall pregnant for him or worse still contract an incurable disease. You have your life ahead of you Esther

Esther: I know, but it’s really hard and the only place I can find comfort is in David’s arms.

The two ladies finished their breakfast and were on their way to class. They found a group of students talking about Naomi. When they saw her, one of them shouted “That’s one of the ladies that took her to the hospital. They rushed to her “Tell us what happened? How did she die?” they asked. Esther was disturbed “I have no right to talk about someone that has passed on. If you want to hear anything, please ask her parents, not me” she said quickly moving away from the crowd. ‘People are mad. What will the information of her death bring to them?” Angela said, sneering.

In the afternoon, when they had finished their exams, Esther asked Angela to escort her to see how Janet was coping. As they arrived at the door of her room, they heard her shouting “You killed my best friend you bloody idiot. Naomi never wanted to abort that pregnancy. I will inform the police of what you did!” Esther and Angela looked at each other. Janet then became quiet and they could hear her crying. Esther knocked on the door.

“Janet how are you doing? You need to stop crying now and be strong” Esther said. Janet continued crying “Naomi was my best friend. I can’t believe she is gone” she said. Esther and Angela both sat down, trying to comfort her. After a while, Janet asked “I will be going to the funeral house now. Will you come with me?” Esther and Angela agreed to accompany her. Esther thought they would take a taxi, but Janet took them to Naomi’s car.

Esther was rather surprised. They entered the car and Janet drove off. Esther then asked “So, what is going to be done to this car? I guess you are giving it to her family right?” Janet gave Esther a strange look “No. I am keeping it. Naomi and I bought this car together. Although it is in her name, I also added some money for its purchase. In fact I added more than her” she said. Esther was not convinced

When they arrived at the funeral house, they found quite a number of people gathered. One woman lay on the floor weeping her heart out “My daughter, why did you do this to me? Why? You called me just a few hours before your death promising to buy me a car soon after your trip to London, not knowing that you had an appointment with death.

Why didn’t you tell me that you were up? I was going to take care of my grandchild with all love and care. Naomi, Naomi, Naomi!” she cried. Esther, Janet and Angela cried. Some women went to comfort her. After a while, Naomi’s mother calmed down and came to meet the ladies. “Janet my daughter how are you” she said. Janet wiped her tears “I am fine ma” she said

“Please I want to find out from you what my daughter left at the university. Things like her clothes and all that” Naomi’s mother said. Janet answered “Yes ma. All her clothes, shoes and books are in our room. I can bring them whenever you want.”

“Ok my daughter. I also heard that she had bought a car, even though she has never told me about it. I just heard it from one of her friends. Is it true?” the mother said. Janet looked at her and said “No ma, it’s not true. You know people thought it was her car, but it is mine. Naomi used to drive it a lot because I was usually busy at school.”

“Ok my daughter. You were truly a good friend to my Naomi. As for the clothes, please, you can take anything that you like from there and bring the rest here anytime you are free. It will be distributed among her younger sisters and cousins” the mother said.

Janet nodded her head and said “Ok ma, but I don’t think I will take any of her clothes, because my heart is bleeding. I miss my friend already” she said and started crying. Esther was shocked to hear what Janet had said about the car. After a while, they all left. Janet dropped them at the university and continued to town, saying she had some business to settle.

“Janet is wicked! I don’t believe her story about the car. That car belonged to Naomi” Esther said as they entered the Campus. “I know. She is a gold-digger. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that she poisoned her friend” Angela said. Esther clapped her hands in wonder.

“Hmm Angela let’s pass through David’s shop so that we can say hi. I have an appointment with him this evening at 7pm. But let’s just pass by and say hi before then” Esther said. When they arrived at the shop, they were surprised to see Betty sitting inside the shop. Immediately she saw them, she put her hands around David’s waist and said “Baby we have customers.” When David turned to see who it was, he was totally shocked to see Esther and Angela. “Hey Esther, Angela, you are welcome” he said looking quite confused.

Esther was shaking. “You idiot! You useless idiot!” she shouted at David. She pulled Angela’s hand and they left. David shouted “Esther, please it’s not what you think. Let me explain.” However, Esther and Angela had already gone far. David looked at Betty and shouted “What is wrong with you? Get out of my shop please! Get out!”

“That’s it! I am fed up with men! I make a vow to never involve myself with any man! Never again in my life!” Esther shouted, hitting her hand on the study table as they arrived in their room. “Calm down Esther, calm down” Angela said. “I won’t calm down Angela. I have been used and dumped like a rag. All men are dogs!” she shouted

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