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35 Funny Pictures And Jokes For Fun

There is this funny moment in your life when your parents can do anything you ask them to do, the funny moment is when you show them how to play a video game on there android phone, they will do anything you ask them to do.

A girl sent me a friend request on social media I didn't accept the request because I have no biscuit to give her, she was born in 2010.

I still have feelings of love for my ex girlfriend, I want to bath with germ killer so as to kill the germs which is in form of feelings of love.

During weddings there is this words thing written on wedding cards for example Anita weds Malachi will be written as Animal 2020.

In the place where I am living, we are so poor that we think when our father is eating bread and soft drinks that he is enjoying his life.

Let us maintain the same social distance that arsenal maintained with champions league, corona virus will be gone.

I posted a picture on my social media, in the picture I said that just came back from USA, the national corona virus agency in Nigeria is looking for me

Some of friends act weird on the internet, they will be feeling sad and will tag me on there post on social media, I hate when am tagged on something that has nothing to do with me.

Mothers are really good in the management of funds, I remember when I went to the market with my mother, the only Money we had was two thousand Naira but we bought everything that we intended to buy and had an extra seven hundred naira balance. 

My funny dad was sweeping the floor I raised my leg for him to sweep the place I was sitting, he hit me so hard that I was taken to the hospital, I am typing this funny joke on a hospital bed.

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