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See More Photos Of The World's Most Expensive Bottled Water Which Is Sold Over 22 Million Naira

According to renowned Afro musician Fela, ‘Water e no get enemy’; you can't do without using water in 24 hours it's unarguable one of the most accessible natural resources in the world.. but let me ask you this question if you were the richest man on the planet would you buy this water that cost as much as 20 million naira?? Keep pondering about it while I tell you more about the world's most expensive bottled water that is valued about $60,000

It becomes a matter of utter surprise to learn that a piece of bottled water can be sold for as much as a million naira or more.. According to the company that manufactured it, the luxury water is sourced from natural springs in France and Fiji and it comes in a container that is made from gold; the bottled water is known as ‘Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani’ as I said earlier the water in the bottle is source from natural springs in France and Fiji which makes it unique and different from ordinary Water..

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