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This Was How Yemi Osinbajo's Wife Celebrated Her Birthday At Midnight (Photos)

More delightful photographs from Yemi Osinbajo's Wife's birthday.

The spouse of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Oludolapo, celebrated her birthday at 12 PM with praises and thanks through prayer, Nigeria's Vice president's Wife said she expressed gratitude toward God for one more year as she cut her birthday cake with her husband, At the 12 PM festivity, there were likewise flowers for the celebrant, More photographs from Her Excellency Oludolapo Osinbajo's birthday have been trending as she shared them on her Instagram page.

In the photos, she could be viewed as she implored with her Husband, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, at 12 PM. Supplications before anything Her inscription read: "Applause. Supplications. Flowers . Cake at 12 PM. I express gratitude toward God for one more year." Oludolapo was additionally found in one of the photos cutting the cake with her husband as they grinned. In two different pictures, the stunning family was in supplication and worship mode as they submitted the new year in God's grasp.

Nigeria's VP embraced his significant role during the celebration as one of the photos appeared, A collection of five pictures from the birthday celebration. it was detailed that the VP on Wednesday, July 15, commended the birthday of his wife with astonishing words. Osinbajo in a Twitter post considered her their (alluding to the family) closest companion, referencing how bold, wonderful and kind she is. He likewise admitted his adoration again to her.

The VP connected a family picture and a photograph of him and his wife to the post. Elsewhere in the world, Sunday, March 8, was the birthday of Osinbajo, and his excellent spouse, Dolapo, couldn't try to avoid panicking. The unassuming Dolapo took to the internet based life handle (Instagram) to spout about her Husband. In her first post, she uncovered that the family remained alert till past 12 PM to observe the primary hour of her Husband's birthday.

She later went on to shower him with prayers seeking God's blessing on her husband as he embarks on another 365 days in the land of the living. She wrote: "God bless you on your birthday and forever my special treasure. As your days, so shall your strength be in Jesus name, amen." In a second post on Instagram shared loved up photos of herself and her husband. Like the first post, this also carried prayer for the celebrant whom she fondly called her special treasure. "God bless you on your birthday and forever my special treasure. As your days, so shall your strength be in Jesus name, amen," she said.

happy birthday Madam.

kindly wish her well and a successful life in the comments section.

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