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He Gave Me Food At A Friend's Wedding 5Years Ago, I Fell In Love With Him When We Had A Dance - Lady

There is one thing I won't stop doing, and that is to bless your day with good and amazing love stories of couples who fell in love and saw the need to take their relationship to the next level. There are some love stories we would hear and we have no option but to conclude that some people were really destined to be together.

Have you imagined how a guy gets attracted to a lady for the first time? That instant connection and attraction can not be explained. The amazing love story of Kim and Damola will definitely leave you speechless as this man's good deeds and show of love made him to win his woman's heart.

This lovely story was posted by Bellanaijaweddings on Instagram

Kim went for a friend's wedding five years ago in Lagos, she was on her own when a man started staring at her. She noticed what he was doing and even when she takes her eyes off him and looks back at him, he was still staring at her.

The fact that she is a lady made her not to make any move as that is solely the duty of the man. Damola soon noticed that she hasn't had anything to eat as others were eating, but she was just sitting all alone. This gave him a chance to approach her; Damola left were he was seated and went straight to her, he politely asked her if she has had anything to eat and she said NO!

He asked her if she cared for food and she did not hesitate to say yes. He got her two plates and sat close to her. By this time, Mr Damola now has a way into her heart, he brought out his phone and took pictures with her. From given her two plates of rice to dancing wit her, Damola was just into her as he was gradually winning her heart.

Days later, he asked her out and she did not turn him down. They went to a restaurant and from eating they started dating.

They are set to get married now, his show of love paved a way for him as he finally won her heart.

This lady needed something, the guy was able to identify her need and met it. Love is indeed a beautiful thing and we should try as much as possible to be sensitive which was what this man did.

To the guys out there, don't hesitate to make a move when you know she is someone you can settle down with and for the ladies, please help us (the guys) by allowing us to express how will feel.

She met her husband after he gave her food at a friend's wedding, have you ever experienced such before? Like, share and drop a comment.

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