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What Consequences Await Alec Baldwin As Costly Mistake Ends The Life of a Staff?

Perhaps one of the saddest times of the 90s was when the news of a beloved celebrity Called Brandon Lee hit the media. The actor, who was also the Son of the famous and legendary Martial arts actor, Bruce Lee, had lost his life while on a movie set. The Death of the actor was caused by a props gun that misfired in a grocery bag, and that was how the young man, a man whose future was as bright as that of his father, died at the young age of 28. One would have thought that this was enough lesson for Hollywood, considering several other accidents that happened during the 80s but 30 years down the lines, and another incident has left the world struck with sadness.

Earlier, the world heard the news of a beloved actor, called Alec Baldwin who had supposedly shot a Staff, or perhaps a Cinematographer on the set of a movie titled Rust. The actor was handed a props gun in a set where he was required to shoot towards the camera area. Unfortunately, the shot hit the Cinematographer causing her death and leaving the Director, severely injured. Such an unfortunate incident that left the Cinematographer identified as Halyna Hutchins, dead at 42 and a 48-year-old director in a hospital in terrible condition, is one that many have claimed should have been avoided. 

According to witnesses who were present at the scene, Baldwin had no idea that the gun was loaded with bullets, as he was quite severally, saying, “In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun." However, a woman is dead and another is struggling for life in a hospital and someone, or groups of people have to take responsibility for this incidence. This begs the question, who would take responsibility and how would this happen?

Sadly, the responsibility for the death could be blamed on Alec Baldwin but can we truly say that he would be facing any consequences? According to sources, an incident such as this could be ruled by the court as an Accidental slaughter, which often means that a death that was facilitated by ignorance, inattentiveness, or simply inaction. Truly, Baldwin was unaware that the gun was loaded with bullets and of course, he was simply doing his job but if the court decided to rule this as an Accidental slaughter, what consequence could be waiting for Baldwin?

According to Law Info, instances of this can be seen in different areas of life. For instance, a lady who has pointed a gun at her friend and mistakenly shot her dead. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware that the gun was loaded and so she was charged with involuntary manslaughter or Accidental killing, something that could also be what Baldwin might be charged with. According to the U.S. Code of law, involuntary manslaughter is when a person kills another without malice or conduct meant to intentionally kill the person. This is classified as a Class C felony and its consequences can be found below, of course, these consequences depend on varying circumstances. 

Differeconsequencesces are depending on the individual, situation, and circumstance. For young people, especially teenagers, it is different from that of adults. For adults, the prison time often goes between six months to 10 years. One main factor that contributes to whether or not the court shows mercy is if the individual had been known with a bad record in the Police system. 

However, here is another interesting angle through which we could look at the situation. Should Baldwin be held responsible? Well, if he has good lawyers, which he definitely can afford, they might argue that the actor was only doing his job, trusting the set directors and movie director on whether or not to use the props. Since the actor doesn't provide the props himself, his lawyers might argue that those who provided him with a loaded gun knowing what and how the gun would be used should be held responsible. 

Technically, the blame would perhaps eventually be passed unto the Producers, set directors, props coordinators, and costume agents, since they provided the loaded gun and Alec Baldwin doing his job, shot in the direction he was told to by the directors. 


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