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Check Out: Top 5 Movies That Feel So Real You Almost Feel Like Crying After Watching Them (Opinion).

Yes, Movies Are Mostly Fictional, but sometimes they feel so real that only the emotionally strong of heart are able to withstand the urge to just breakdown and cry after seeing them.

Firstly, I must state that I am not someone who is known to breakdown after seeing a movie, however these 5 Movies really touched me:

5. The Pursuit of Happiness

After watching this movie, you can't help but appreciate every struggling father who is doing his best to Carter for his family. Will Smit as usual did a perfect job here alongside his son Jayden.

4. Lion King

You may probably be saying that this is just a cartoon, but believe me when I say that the part where Mufasa falls and dies is really heartbreaking, alongside the cry of Simba while watching helplessly as his father dies without being able to do anything.

3. Pearl Harbor

This movie has a bit of everything; Romance,Love,War,Action,Suspense,Drama, Betrayal,etc. I'm trying hard not to give you spoilers, so if you are yet to see this movie, go get yourself a chilled drink and two pairs of handkerchiefs to wipe your tears.

2. Titanic

Don't be too disappointed, but Titanic doesn't make my number 1, however,take nothing away from it, I still fill a bit teary whenever I get to the part where the ship sinks.

1. Hacksaw Ridge

Damn, if you are yet to see this movie, do yourself a big favor and do so. The most emotional aspect is when you realize that this movie is actually a true life story. If you see this movie and you do not feel emotional in any sort of way, call me and I'm gonna send you the data you used in downloading it. Lol.


Do you think these movies are worthy of this list or would you like to add another?

Kindly Indicate in the Comments Section.

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