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7 Lessons to learn from Oliver Queen- major character in the Arrow TV series!

Oliver Queen, whose real name is Stephen Amell, acted and played the role of the Green Arrow in the TV show- Arrow. He is the major character in the series film because everything in the film was centered on him. Beginning from when he went to China with his father, Robert Queen, whose Gambit lost at sea, to his hellish life on a stranded and deserted island, to his return to Star City to begin his crusade, to his mission to save the multiverse. He was such a strong American- probably my favorite American.There are so many lessons to learn from the life of Oliver Queen in the series. Although, he might not have shown the real him in the film, Oliver Queen to a greater extent has impacted millons (including me) with the role he played.

Here are 7 lessons to learn from Oliver Queen's life.

1. Oliver Queen had a good heart and was able to endure hardships:

Despite all the troubles he passed through on that Chinese Island, Oliver Queen was still a good person. Being on the hellish island for 5 years, he had only one goal- survive! Every other thing were meaningless to him, save to survive. He wrestled with the high and mighty and faced and handled human treats. All of these sufferings and unperceived trainings actually refined him and made him who he was.

2. Oliver Queen had good mentors:

One of the things that made Oliver Queen succeed in his crusade was he connections to teachers. He specifically had a mysterious mentor in the island who taught him how to use a bow and arrow. Shadu's father, Talia Al Ghul and Slade Wilson were three people who trained him and made him

3. Oliver Queen was a man who always loved to see things for himself. He didn't just believe there was a

person too big to be defeated. He always took a bold step.

4. Oliver Queen had a good sister:

Thea was a lovely half sister to Oliver. She was extremely good, honest and truthful. She was a source of encouragement and joy to Oliver Queen. He Nick named her Speedy. They loved each other unconditionally. And Oliver was always there to protect her.

5. Oliver Queen had back ups:

When he begat his crusade alone, Oliver Queen thought and was certain he would finish it alone. But he finally finished his crusade with a team of about 8 heroes.Oliver wasn't just an ordinary man. He had resources. He had back ups. People he met on the island and people he met afterwards were all part of his success story. He had John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Curtis, Rene, Dinah and others. They all had his back. They were always there for him, as he was to them.

6. Oliver Queen had passion to save lives:

Oliver Queen's number one goal was to save his city from the hands of those who corrupted it. He formed a crusade to hunt down those corrupting his city. He spent 7 years doing this. And last of all, he sacrificed his life to save the multiverse.

7. Oliver Queen had a good fiancee:

Felicity Smoak, my most loved Canadian female actress, was always on the computer's keyboard each time Oliver Queen was on the battle field. There was a kind of love that existed between the two lovers, which I must say was a greater part of his successes. She encouraged him each time Oliver meet with a person who was too strong for him. The times when Oliver Queen thought of giving up his crusade, she revived him. Oliver Queen was beaten severally by Slades Wilson, who killed his mother, Malcolm Merlyn, who created a man made device that could cause an earth quake, Adrain Chase, Demien Dark and Ra's Al Ghul, who put a sword through Thea Queen, Oliver's sister's chest. But at eacheach , Felicity Smoak always gave him a new spirit. She especially gave him love, and showed to him that he was worthy of love, when no one loved him.

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